v19 Multiple releases of the same album.
@black_eagle thank you, that is useful to know. With the volume one and two etc.
Windows 10 only
(2021-05-07, 09:31)black_eagle Wrote: Anyway, I'm not so sure that this is actually as niche as @DaveBlake might think these days.  I've certainly got multiple releases of quite a few albums, although having them entered several times means I can keep track of which ones I am still missing etc.  Still, I can see a case for selecting say Marillion's 'Misplaced Childhood' and then seeing the original release, the double CD re-release and the 4 CD boxset and choosing then which to listen to.
In Kodi terms even music library use itself is niche @black_eagle :p

(2021-05-07, 09:31)black_eagle Wrote: A lot of my stuff is split up with various nodes anyway, so f.e. 5.1 stuff is in it's own node.  Hi-res, quad etc is also split like that but that doesn't work so well for browsing by artist unless you start setting up nodes for artists with 5.1 etc.  Maybe it's worth looking at when I get some spare time!
I'm ahead of you on that, well at least in terms of ideas for richer library navigation than the way the current nodes and smart playlists work. All we need is time.....

Sure we squeaked a disc level in there by tweeking the way nodes navigate, but when I said "no there are no plans to add some kind of musicbrainz releasegroup kinda thing" what I meant was no plans to try some other kind of one-off approach. The OP wants release group, someone else could want grouping by record label (random example, a bad one). It is part of revisiting grouping of music things, as well as being able to navigate laterally e.g. other artist/albums/songs with the same X.

Not wanting to get into it in this thread, but just be sure there are possibilities for so much more Smile
Yep, unfortunately Kodi music itself doesn't seem to be widely used, just judging from the number of support requests. It may not be exactly what *I* want but it's very robust and a lot of thought has gone into it. It's also versatile, fun to use and sound quality is adequate, so I keep coming back from my go-to software foobar2000.

As far as I can tell there's a group of 5-10 users who converse here because of their very specialized demands and ideas. The rest of users who write occasionally are newcomers who just want the see their music in Kodi with the least amount of intervention necessary. Those are probably best of by not even tagging their files but getting info online when scraping.

Anyway, it's great to hear that there are still plans for the future and that the hardcore music users here don't seem to be far from each other in terms of expectations. Let's just not forget that this is about everybody's free time and thus it should be fun first. I sometimes forget that myself.
@HomerJau discussion of scanning and scraping split to here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=362487

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