Re index TV recordings

Computer crashed, I got a new one and insatalled Kodi & Next PVR and have been sucessfully recording TV.

I have managed to get the old recordings off the old HDD and copied into my recorded TV folder.

Any idears as to how I get Kodi to re-index the list of files so that I can see the restored files in the recorded TV list on Kodi.

There are several ways, in decreasing order by ease and meta data, depending on what version of NextPVR you are running.

If you still have the old HDD

- does npvr.db3 file exist?
- does daily recording back up exist?

If you only have the recordings

- do they have the name.xml files?
- are the file named with some meta information?

If you want to follow up on this open a post on the NextPVR forum and we can give more guidance.


Each recording is in a folder with the name of the recording
There are 2 files in each folder
2 Fast 2 Furious_7mate Brisbane_2019-09-12_20-30.thmb
2 Fast 2 Furious_7mate Brisbane_2019-09-12_20-30.ts

Looks like all the files may have been ones I recorded with Argus TV before I moved to Next PvR. No doubt change of folder name caused backups to stop working.
no .xml files

I had been backing up recorded files and folders in the designated recording folder but not the database using Viceversa.
I am not sure what the "daily recording backup" you ask about is, presumbably I was not doing this.
I do not have a copy of "npvr.db3"

Next PVR is v5

I have added teh files to a video library and can access them from there so probably no need to add to tv recordings.

Thanks for looking at post.

NextPVR creates two files daily


that are stored in the user data folder with the database.  These can be used to restore metadata. 

As well recordings can have file related metadata stored in xml files for future importing if you modify config.xml



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