v19 Backporting v20's udfFirstNumberPos fix into v19.1

I've been working on a few issues around my Kodi music library documented here: https://github.com/xbmc/Official-Kodi-Re...issues/293 and turns out, a stored procedure with a fix has been updated for v20 and backported to v19.1. Here's the pull request with the fix: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/19635

Does anyone know the correct procedure for getting this updated stored procedure into MyMusic82?
Hi Mike, it is just a bit of SQL to run that drops the existing native functions and recreates then. Since sometimes Cloudflare gets upset about posting SQL on the forum (protection against injection attack), I will PM you a script a bit later.

I am curious what album title is triggering the problem - it is the presence of symbols and separate digits that can trigger this issue - but let's get you working first.
Any chance of making the sql commands for mariadb publicly available? Maybe link to a page where code doesn't get garbled?
In principle sure, and if lots of users were impacted then I certainly would. But I anticipate it causing issues rarely, and would rather engage with users individually to confirm that and explore exactly what data they have that upsets the older native functions. Working user at a time (while that is viable) I may learn things that I can feed into more improvements.
I had a look at your code and changed the three functions in the database manually just in case because I might be a candidate. I also use long descriptive folder names for classical music releases and had previously hacked Windows via registry to accept paths that are longer than 256 characters.

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Backporting v20's udfFirstNumberPos fix into v19.10
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