Bug Recording labels are sometimes wrong
While developing my own Kodi skin, I have noticed the following bug with the NextPVR client, I am using NextPVR v 5 backend:

To explain further, using the default estuary skin, If I view timer in kodi:

ListItem.EpisodeName is displayed directly under ListItem.ChannelName - ListItem.Label per timer and usually looks like S01E01 e.g:

TV SHow 1
TV SHow 1 | S01E01

If a timer has no ListItem.EpisodeName displayed with it then the resulting recording will show the correct label:

Channel 1
TV SHow 1

If the timer has no ListItem.EpisodeName displayed with it then the recording is labelled wrong:

Channel 1
S01E01 - S01E01

It appears the ListItem.Label contains S01E01 - S01E01 rather than TV SHow 1 - S01E01
or to be more specific ListItem.Label is being returned to kodi as: ListItem.EpisodeName - ListItem.EpisodeName rather than ListItem.Label - ListItem.EpisodeName?
It doesn't sound like a bug, you are likely using the "fake" made that up to now the majority of users seem to prefer. This default is to have the S/E plus subtitle information replace the show name so shows are in episode order, a sort option Kodi backend doesn't want to provide.  In pvr.nextpvr setup, change the display setting to "Kodi skin styled recordings" and you should see what you want.

Thanks for the explanation emveepee,
I'm surprised that users want a format where they potentially can't see what the title of the show is, I ended up with seven recordings just saying things like S01E02-S01E02, S03E07-S03E07, S02E04-S03E04 etc, and didn't know which one was which! I'm sure if I was using group recordings by folders then they would have made more sense but I prefer not to use that.

For now my custom skin just displays the listitem.foldername when it detects this label format, so everything looks right anyway, I just thought I should report it but if it is by design and not a bug then that's fine.

Thanks for the quick response.
In V5 I prefer the Kodi style in V5 with filename sort order since thankfully the filenames can include S/E data but when you use feature rich guide data like many NextPVR users then it makes more sense then with your data.  I made this video with four skins showing the issues https://youtu.be/vgQsRVOnl_4 with the show name (which is available on the top of the recording list so it shouldn't be hidden unless you use the flatten option.  V5 made it a bit better because episodes can be separated by season, but for shows recorded out of sequence the list can be really difficult to navigate.

I actually can't explain why you have the repeated data, but I guess it relates to your guide source.

Ultimately the problem is the Kodi design disconnect with users preferring a season and episode sort but it is not likely to happen.


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