Music sync Kodi 19.1 and Yatse

After the upgrade Kodi to 19.1I want to Sync my music Database from my Kodi SQL Server.
In Kodi me showed 2238 Albums in Yatse 0.
But the Video-Data I get in Yatse complete
The Remote-control with the App to Kodi works
I already send the log-data to the Yatse-Support but they could not help me because they mean this is a connection-problem to the database.

I deinstalled and installed the Yatse app and set new login-data, scraped my music again.
I use a QNAP nas with Kodi Matrix 19.1
SQL: MyPHP MariaDB 5.5.57
I hope you could help me
@benzer I use Yaste and Kodi  v19.1 for browsing my music library and controling playback every day, so your issue is most liklely something specific to your set-up especially if it is a connection issue.

However pasting 3 lines from the log file are useless to me or anyone else. Please post a link to full Kodi debug log, that is one created with debugging enabled and component logging enabled for the JSON component, and covering attempting to access the music library via Yatse.
Hello DaveBlake,
I thank you for your reply. Before the update the connection with Yatse works.

Here the complete logs:


Yatse log music-sync:

Do you need more informations? Please let me know.

Have a nice day
@benzer I can tell you three things from that log.
  1. It contains references to banned addons (wiki) which must be fully un-installed and a fresh log created before we can offer you any support as per our piracy policy (wiki).
  2. When you create the new log, please follow DaveBlakes instructions regarding enabling debugging and logging of the json component.  If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to debug log (wiki) and follow the Easy/Basic instructions.  Also please ensure you follow point 4 in those instructions and enable logging of the json-rpc component.
  3. I'm not entirely certain that we will be able to offer support for your QNAP re-packaged version anyway, as we have no knowledge of what QNAP may have done to it, but if you follow points 1 & 2 above we may be able to see the issue and advise you accordingly.
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Music sync Kodi 19.1 and Yatse0
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