Suddenly xCode stating "Unable to Install Kodi"... iPad 7th & 8th, ios 14.6
Oh wise colleagues...
I'm baffled because I haven't changed any variables in my Kodi experiment, and yet am seeing different outcomes.
  o Own an iPad 7th gen and an iPad 8th gen
  o Both running ios 14.6
  o Have been loading Kodi 18.6 on the newer, 19.1 on the older for weeks and weeks now
  o Using a nice M1 mac laptop, Xcode 12.5 (I -believe- 12.5.1) 
  o Standard process every week:  delete certs from keychain, open xcode to refresh certs, use App Signer to resign .ipa files, use xcode to load onto iPad.
  o I tried the same process this week and am greeted with the error " Unable to Install"
Debug / QA steps:
  o Have tried using a different (free) developer ID - same results
  o Did a fresh install of Xcode on an older x86-based laptop, did a fresh download and build of the IPA files there, same results
  o Tried installing signed .ipas via itunes, same results, different error: " This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified".  But I used App Signer... am confused.  Did the free developer accounts suddenly become persona non grata?
Any thoughts would be welcomed!
(2021-07-16, 07:04)Klojum Wrote: @island Did you forget how to type in a forum? Quoting a post without any reply is really not useful and not appreciated.

Folks, might either of you have thoughts on what's going on?  Any chance anyone using a free dev license and the process above can verify it's still working for them (eg that this is my issue not a general issue)?


please check if troubleshooting steps from help you
(2021-07-23, 14:09)kambala Wrote: please check if troubleshooting steps from help you

OH, SON OF A ...  

1. Thank you.
2. Worked a charm.
3. I have -no- idea why everything was working perfectly previously and then magically stopped working. Really, I changed no variables. But clearly xcode lost the UUID somehow.
4. For the simple fix (that'd be me), "RTFM" -- as the original Kodi instructions say:
       -Plug in the device
       -Go to the Product Menu
       -Under Destination, select your device
...THEN regenerate your certificate, and all's well. 

Ugh. But thanks. Smile

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Suddenly xCode stating "Unable to Install Kodi"... iPad 7th & 8th, ios 14.60
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