HOW-TO write Media Info Scrapers - Scraper creation for dummies
(2012-04-19, 07:36)akuiraz Wrote: Is there a replacement for scrap.exe as it seems to be retired? anything to make editing and testing the scraper along the way would be extremely helpful... i'm on windows. thanks in advance.
(2012-12-31, 13:10)DiMag Wrote: The likn to your tool to test scrapers, reported on page 1, is dead. As it is perhaps the most useful tool to any would-be scraper developer, can you update it/provide an alternative?

Use this one:

Did my first ever scraper yesterday. The tool was invaluable
Has there been a scraper written yet with an auto update/refresh option? Say you scroll through your movie list, and stop on a movie, after a set time (say 5 or 10 seconds, can be set in the options) the scraper kicks in an does a refresh on that highlighted movie/show. There can be an option to get metadata locally only, or internet only so no user interaction is required for the refresh to occur.

Perhaps it can refresh other items in that movie list too when idle in the menu as to not use cpu cycles while users are scrolling around and stops after user interaction happens. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong thread, but I was curious if one exists that does this yet?
I'm totally new at this and trying to learn how to create a scraper for some soccer events, the guide seems very thoughtful and I appreciate all the hard work put into it, but as a dummy (HTML editing is about my limit) I am finding it a little bit difficult to use.

- Some of the links are outdated ( gets redirected) with the guide being six years old.
- I've noticed a piece of syntax is using a ) rather than a > so if there are others wrong I probably won't spot the problem.
- Also the use of a Spanish scraper in chapter two baffles me even further with coping with the change in language.

Is there an updated/reworked version of this guide available at all or any other resources that could help me figure everything out?

(2008-08-27, 13:41)pko66 Wrote: Tool to test scrapers: (Download NOW both files, scrap.exe & libcurl.dll)
is there any similar tool to test scrapers on Mac?

Upd. ScraperEdit ( works on Mac. Suggest to update the wiki/post.
Where are the existing scrapers stored?

Forgive me if i'm blind and or stupid but I can't see this written anywhere. A search for *craper gives me:


Neither of which seem to be what i'm looking for: the temp scrapers folder seems to just be the return result of the scraper and the XSD is a schema?

and those are only the initial shipped version. any update end up in userdata
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(2014-09-11, 11:16)Martijn Wrote: /usr/share/xbmc/addons/

and those are only the initial shipped version. any update end up in userdata

Ah! Thanks Martijn. Now for the hard part... Smile
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