Override Kodi no timer padding default
When I select to add timer, recording: One time (guide) and change only the end padding it gets replaced with the override default 1 pre, 2 post.

If I change both pre and post or only pre in Kodi the custom padding makes it all the way to nextpvr scheduler.

I performed the following procedure shown in the logs
1. record with 0 pre 30 post - creates timer with 1 pre, 2 post.
2. delete timer
3. record with 30 pre, 30 post (nextpvr started recording as it was less than 30 minutes to the show) - creates timer with 30 pre, 30 post
4. delete time
5. record with 5 pre, 0 post - creates  time with 5 pre, 0 post
6. delete timer

I didn't perform with logging enabled but if i leave the default 0 pre, 0 post it behaves as expected and replaces with 1 pre, 2 post.

Kodi version 19.0 latest from Microsoft Store
Kodi Log: http://paste.kodi.tv/opovekofas

NextPVR Version:
nextpvr: https://paste.kodi.tv/umanicuzer.kodi

In doing this research i realized i now have a quick workaround to set the pre padding to 1. I record a lot of sporting events in which i want 60 minutes post padding but don't really care about the pre padding.

Your right there is a stupid bug there, I''ll update it later today.

Ok the patch has been submitted and will be available shortly. 

Not sure what sports you like but you can also consider my NextEnd utility for NextPVR which automatically extends many major sports events here in North America.  Here is a list of what is monitored on Saturday https://paste.kodi.tv/ayegijilam  It's not perfect but works pretty well.  It also as a feature to end recordings when the game ends.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick fix.

What component was updated? Was it the Kodi PVR add-on? Just trying to figure out how to get the update.

It was a silly bug in pvr.nextpvr which I skipped over many times without noticing.  The change was approved and merged earlier so you should get it soon in an 8.2.9 update.

Thanks for reporting it.


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