Change position of "pause" dialog on screen?
hi there!

I have read thru the wiki's and FAQs etc, but I cant seem to find out whether this is possible;

Is it possible to edit a config file (or edit a setting or something), so that when you are watching a video and press "pause", the dialog box that normally appears in the top-right with the little "pause" icon (||) and the current position in the video (eg: 01:20:22/02:02:00) is displayed somewhere else on the screen?

So instead of top-right, maybe bottom-right, or top left?

I think you'll find it the Dialogseekbar.xml file (\skin\PM3\PAL). I think there is a pause image description. Alter the posx, posy settings to relocate it. Make sure to backup the xml file first so you can easily revert to it. Using xbmc_pc helps for testing the changes. Hope this helps.
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ah fantastic - yep, that was it - now for some fun playing around!

thanks for the help

cheers ! Smile
thank u kidkiwi
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Change position of "pause" dialog on screen?52