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[MOD] MediaStream mod preview (for 4:3 aspect-ratio)
MikeBeecham topic, I know....but you dont half look like Graham Norton!!!
Is that suppose to be an insult or a compliment?
...don't hate me because I'm beautiful Wink
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I would hate you if you were Graham Norton, personally. Can you wear pink and dance?

Yeah, thought so!
I'm closing this thread as we should continue in the original thread posted by anoobie: MediaStream mod preview for 4:3 aspect-ratio TV
Looks like a few people may have missed this first time round (I know I did) but based on the feedback in the Beautiful Mdofication thread I've had a look at the video and the animation on it is lovely. Big Grin

I've sent a PM to anoobie about whether or not we can incorporate this into the skin and whilst I'm waiting to hear back I've implemented a rough version of it:


I've not incorporated all aspects of the mod as I've tried to keep it as consistent with other views as possible but the animation is pretty much identical.

For the real wow factor you have to see it in action! Big Grin (Check anoobie's video)

Now just have to hope that anoobie will agree to us using it
Looks really great hope this will be available in 16:9.
Is there also an option show/hide info ?
I personally would like to hide them, so I can see more of the fanart backdrop.
There already is such an option in the current version skin, Hide Info for Media Preview - have you tried that?
No I didn't, Thanks looks good.
Still, this is a beautifull mod. with minimum of overlays when you hide the info.
Scrolling/flying covers I like it.
Hi, you guys can do whatever you want with the files I posted (they're not mine anyway I only did slight modifications of the xml files, if anything I should be the one asking for permission).

Anyway it would be an honor to have this mod in the official skin.

[MOD] MediaStream mod preview (for 4:3 aspect-ratio)00