NextPVR using incorrect channel logos from previous profile.
Hi all. 

I'm running the NextPVR Backend on 3 different VPS instances. All provide me with legitimate links from the channels themselves, so no dodgy links used.
Each NextPVR Backend is running on a different Kodi profile on an old laptop running Libreelec. So in order to watch from backend B, I will need to logout of Backend A.  

Backend A gives me New Zealand channels (and the logos are correct here)
Backend B gives me channels from Australia, and like above the logos are correct)
Backend C (The problematic one) gives me channels from the UK, the playlist is via, I manually loaded the logos on, and this was working fine before I switched to Libreelec, and introduced the multi profile setup. 
The channel logos, used the logos on Backend A (NZ) ie BBC One, would give me the logo of TVNZ TV 1, and as do all the other UK channels. 

I have tried clearing the cache, deleting, and readding the backend C Profile, but nothing seems to be working. 

Has anyone else got any ideas?

Since you are using legitimate URL's your use case seems very odd, you could have a channel group for each IPTV group.  Recording isn't very CPU intensive.

For the issue maybe you aren't using Matrix?  In Matrix there are new options in the addon to clear one or all icons otherwise you would need to remove them manually.  The option you want is on the client specific setting page in PVR Settings.


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NextPVR using incorrect channel logos from previous profile.0
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