manually scanned movies appear in movies AND tv episodes section

I am new to the xbmc and hope this is the right category to post in....

I use the MediaStream skin and have "set content" for my movie and tv series folders and let xbmc look up the imdb/tvdb details.

The problem:
A few movies haven't been recognized and I tried to add them (look up) manually to the library (files view and add to library). The problem is the manually added movies now appear in the movie AND the tv section!?

Any help would be nice!

When you manually added the new Movies via the files view did you set content on those?

[Image: mediastream_banner.jpg]
I am not sure where to do this.

I've just used right-klick and add to library. The files exist in the same folder which I've "set content" before.

Is there a option I've missed?
Is the movie and avi or is it stored in a folder etc. When you updated the Movie and it displays the list of possible Movies to choose from what source is it reading from. IMDB etc. Also could you try removing the movies from the database and try adding fresh to see if that makes a difference.

[Image: mediastream_banner.jpg]
I'll play with the suggestions and report back tomorrow...

I have seen this "bleeding" in another skin.
The only thing I see in common with movies that appear in TV shows is that I have added or changed fanart.
Can anyone verify if you refresh (because of wrong scan) a movie with fanart, the incorrect fanart will stay?
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"clean library" did the trick!
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