Deinterlace failing for some 1080i H.264 files on M1 Mac (HDPVR2+VideoReDo+Tsmuxer)
I'm having a deinterlacing issue that is only happening on my Macbook (2020 M1 Air), and it's a bit complex, so I'd like to start with my workflow:

1) I record TV using a Hauppauge HDPVR2, with the source being 1080i, and the output being a TS file with 1080i H.264 video.
2) I cut the start and endpoints with VideoReDo and save back into a TS file. This is a smart cutter tool, so it rewrites the beginning and ending GOPs and leaves the rest alone.
3) Once cut, the files will stutter on Windows 7 in the native player, so I fix this by doing a simple remultiplex with Tsmuxer, which rewrites all the SPS/PPS data from what I understand.

On my Windows machines, this is fine in Kodi. I think the first GOP sometimes has a little deinterlacing issue (combing artifacts) if the start cut is a non-IDR frame, but it's fine after that point. On my Macbook in Kodi, if the start cut was from a B or P frame (and therefore the first GOP has to be rewritten), the deinterlacing doesn't appear to work for the rest of the video. I've included a log of the video component and a link to a video.

vonodujifu.kodi (paste)

Any help would be appreciated, as this affects a very large number of my personal files.
I checked back in on this thread and just noticed that the 2nd hyperlink was incorrect (the link text did not match the actual link). That's been fixed, so now the sample video link should be working.

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Deinterlace failing for some 1080i H.264 files on M1 Mac (HDPVR2+VideoReDo+Tsmuxer)0
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