How do I share my Synology NAS with a friend who uses KODI?
As title because I've tried everything.
If I can give him a share in a Web Browser then surely I must be able to set it up on KODI!

What I have done:
Went into my Synology software, right clicked on a folder and shared it where I get eg *URL removed by moderator* (you should see something in there).

So I've tried to setup an HTTP share with the above address with no luck.
When the above URL is linked to it becomes this
* connect URL removed by moderator *
but once again no luck with that on an HTTP share.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong please?

I have removed both the URLs in your post for now, for security reasons. A lot more people that you can think of will scan forums for all possible ways to hack people's computers.

Both links seem to work for me in a web browser, but ... I don't think this is a question for the Kodi forum.
You have a Synology NAS , and thus you have support from Synology. I'll doublecheck with the other moderators.

The "connect" technology is something that Kodi is not familiar with, Synology may have some tricks up their sleeve.
And maybe your friend needs to open more ports in your router than just port 80. Ask Synology about that.
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I thought it would be a case of browsing for a drive in KODI like I can with my NAS on SMB.
I thought if P**X can do this then KODI can do it easy peasy.
I refuse to use the other system.
I had a quick play with this on my Synology, and I couldn't find a way to get the sharing links to work with Kodi.

What did work (at least from a quick test internally on my network) is WebDav. There's a WebDav server in the Synology package store, and if you install that you can set up a share that way and use that remotely. You will need to set things up correctly (create a suitable username and password on your Synology for your friend, which has access to at least read the relevant folders) and you will also have to do some port forwarding on your router to allow remote WebDav access.

I didn't try the remote access bit as I don't have a suitable set-up to try it at home, but it should work with the right set-up.

Note of course the security risks involved with opening and sharing ports on your router to the internet to let your friend access things. The risks should be minimal as there's username/password set up and controlled access within your NAS, but they need to be considered anyway.
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In addition to what DarrenHill has suggested, if the Synology NAS you have has the ability to whitelist IP addresses, and your friend has a fixed IP address as allocated by his ISP, then you could add this and turn on perma-bans for any other IP addresses that could (and probably will) try the brute force method to access it. These generally originate from Asia (in the main), but stamping down on that will also free up bandwidth so your friend actually has some hope of streaming something in the first place, your upload speeds permitting.

Do bear in mind though, that I'm pretty sure Steve Gibson (Security Now Podcast / SpinRite author) has mentioned in one of his podcasts that WebDAV has been compromised before, if memory serves, so the long term viability as a pose to some dedicated remote access app (Netgear's is called ReadyNAS Remote, QNAP's is QNAPCloudConnect, etc) might not be so desirable. In otherwards, make sure you have some separate backup of everything on the NAS, just in case the worst happens.

Dan / Gib.

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How do I share my Synology NAS with a friend who uses KODI?0
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