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We're intending to use XBMC installed on Xboxes to use the Xboxes as video over LAN set top boxes for CCTV at a convention but XBMC seems to have a few bugs when it comes to working with VLC (Or streaming in general, I dunno).

These problems I only experiance when using XBMC as the client, not when transmitting from VLC to VLC between computers.

The process I have working involves simply broadcasting MPEG-2/DD-AC3 by UDP over the network. This infact works very well and by using UDP, XBMC seems to handle breaks in the video steam with much less difficulty and no stalling and requiring a reboot. MPEG-2/DD-AC3 works well under HTTP as well, but I find it kicks back up from network failures and stopped and restarted servers a lot better when it's just blindly looking at a port and waiting for packets.

The issue seems to come when I try to use a video format OTHER than MPEG-2. When using UDP your container options are limited to only MPEG TS, but I've tried other containers with similar results or poor results.

Using MPEG-4 instead of MPEG-2, XBMC seems to become confused and for some reason assumes the framerate of the incoming stream is not 24fps but instead 12fps or 8fps, resulting in the video being played back slower than it should and it eventually gets confused with what's in the buffer, rebuffers and this cycles.

In cases where I tell VLC to NOT transcode the video from an MPEG-4 source and instead re-stream it, it instead assumes the frame rate is 29.98 FPS when the source is 24fps and it quietly sits there letting the video get ahead of the audio, then behind, then ahead... And so on. It's trying to resynch but it's got the wrong frame rate data.

This could be a problem in VLC itself and not part of Xbox Media Center, I dunno. It's just that this isn't a problem I've seen reported on the VLC forums so I'm hoping something here can guide me towards getting to MPEG-4.

Now, Mpeg-2 would normally be good enough, but this streaming video network is infact running over Wireless G, between WRT54GL routers running DD-WRT, so the available network bandwidth is like 25mbps total if we use Afterburner on all the routers. MPEG-4 is a fair bit more efficent per bit than MPEG-2 and I'm trying to cut down the necessary bandwidth.

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