Solved Emulators Within Kodi have Blue/Pink Washed Out Colors
I'm preparing a test build based on 19.4 with the following PRs reverted:
This looks like everything to do with DirectX/monitors/GPUs on Windows. If the problem gets fixed, then we'll bisect down and find the PR that introduced the bug.
Builds are ready. Also, I found this issue: . The swapchain revert (first build here) will probably fix the game problem.

Build with just swapchain ( ) reverted:


Build with the following PRs reverted:
Another build to test:

Matrix branch with only 10 bit SDR reverted (not all swapchain changes)

If it is confirmed that it solves the issues, the changes will be applied to master and backport to Matrix (v19.5)
Installed the swap chain build 19.4 and voila, games and colors look correct. BIG thank you to all involved for the fix. 🙂 🍻
@Headsortales Can you try jogal's build? He's the author of all the PRs I linked.
The fix has been merged and backported. All nightlies should contain it.
(2022-05-13, 02:09)garbear Wrote: The fix has been merged and backported. All nightlies should contain it.

Hi, thanks for your work in Retroplayer!

I had the same issue and your KodiSetup-20220430-381aa955-revert-swapchain-x64.exe version fixed it, however I also tried the last nightly KodiSetup-20220601-48f4849a-Matrix-x64.exe and the issue is back...
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I'm having the same issue, blue/pink tint to games in retroplayer.  I tried the lastest nightly but it didn't fix the problem and the swapchain link and Jogal's link above no longer working.  Thank you for working on this!

Edit:  just to update, after the nightly didn't fix the problem I reinstalled the latest stable version of kodi and oddly enough the problem was gone.  No idea how it got fixed but the blue/pink coloration is gone and everything is working well again
I'm in the market for a new TV and video card, hopefully I can get a 4k and RTX and reproduce.
Hi! I have also installed the nightly for Matrix (as I can't install 20 yet due to different devices synced with a MySQL DB), and same thing happens. Is this resolved in Kodi 20? In that case I prefer to wait until there is a stable version but it is good to know if so Smile

PS: Windows + Kodi 19.4 + nVidia 3090
Sadly no, in Nexus it's still broke, but happily, I upgraded to a 4K TV (87"!) and can reproduce the issue. When I get a chance I'll see what I can do.
Installed 19.5 and problem returned,
So I reinstalled swapchain build, problem fixed again! Yet all builds work fine except on my 4k Sony tv.
The Swapchain build is not available anymore for download, would it be possible to re-upload it so I can give it a try in the meantime?

Thank you in advance!
@larsette. Possibly one of these, g/l.
Thank you @Headsortales, but those are not the same one.

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Emulators Within Kodi have Blue/Pink Washed Out Colors0
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