Solved Can't find my pictures
I have Kodi installed on 4k firestick. I had images that were appearing in wolf launcher. I managed to us es explorer to get them into the favorites through the file manager. I'm not even sure how. My intention was to use the images as a slideshow for a screensaver. However when I go into settings the images don't appear anywhere in the files. How can I get the images to show up in a folder that will allow me to select and use them as a screensaver? Thank you.
The title of the forum thread suggests that you cannot find your images/pictures anymore, at all. Is that still the case, or is it just in Kodi that you cannot find the pictures? Normally, pictures don't need to be moved. You instruct Kodi where to find them instead. So, are the pictures still physically on your Firestick? If so, in what exact location?
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Sorry for the confusion. I have gotten as far as being able to see them in Kodi in 2 locations: 1. Under system settings/file manager/download(a folder I created) and 2. From Kodi's main menu, under "Favourites." However, when I go to create the screensaver, the file system it brings up is "external drive" and as I go through that, is where the images don't appear anywhere. Even in their original location, which was in a program called Wolf Launcher.
Also, if I go under "Add Pictures" the same applies. So basically the destinations I need to get the images to aren't recognized by the file manager, in order to use the images as I need within Kodi.
The .jpg and .jpeg files don't appear when trying to chose the source folder for the picture slideshow. Even though I can take different paths to get to them and view them within Kodi. Storage/emulated/0/download/ this is where the original file location is. But when I go there within the slideshow settings setup, once I click into that file the images aren't appearing. They are hidden. I have gone into settings to show hidden files but they still don't show up.
All I did was rename the original file in Kodi and select it under the screensaver settings and it started working. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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