v19 Time to Display Picture Not Working
I've not added any photos to my Kodi set-up for quite a number of years, but recently added a few over Xmas to mainly see if anything had changed since I last tried. I noticed that reducing the amount of time a photo is displayed on the screen from 5 secs (default) to 3 secs via the player settings made no difference when I started the slideshow.
Two questions:-
1) Is this already a known issue?
2) Is there anything I could potentially add to my advanced settings.xml that would do this as a manual rule/setting?

Test album created on 19.3 and using Windows 11.
I, too, have problems with the timespan for showing pictures. I've disabled the animation of pictures within picture setup, and now the timespan works as expected. 

Regards, Michael
Thanks for the tip.
I had already disabled the pan and zoom effect in the picture settings as well.
At the time of my original post, timespan was set to 3 seconds but was taking 5 seconds to advance to the next image (which is default).
Testing again today with timespan still set at 3 seconds, it's now taking 8 seconds to advance to the next image.
Think I read a long time ago that the pictures section does not get a lot of support these days, so I'm not really expecting a fix any time soon unfortunately.
Thanks again though...

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Time to Display Picture Not Working0
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