Request for a new XBMC label...
I know Atlantis is in lock down until release but I would like to see sometimes a new XBMC label
Container.ParentFolder Which would only report the parent folder name...

The only available seems to be Container.FolderPath which includes the whole thing hence is not "eye candy".

An alternative (or addition) would be
Container.SourceName which would only report the name of the parent source from Sources.xml...

This would be useful to know where we are when navigating different folders (or sources)

Thank you so much for mentioning this. I've always wanted this and could never understand how no one else would ever want this for their skins. I can only hope its something easy to impliment, as the need for it appears to be quite small.

As you said FolderPath is close but just does not look nice at all. I just want a way to show, for example, that I'm in the 'Movie Trailers' folder and not the 'Movies' folder (which appear exactly the same on screen). Same goes for many other folders on my network. This would just be a huge help, and of course look nice too.
Hello everybody,

any updates on a label to show the parent folder? Container.FolderName or ListItem.FolderName just show the top most folder of all the folders included in a slideshow.

Cheers, Jan
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