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so I tried to install this skin on Kodi 19.3 today, I got the skin config screen that it was working, press no button etc, but then all of a sudden my Shield crashed to the Android Logo, which happens a lot recently since I updated to Shield Experience 9.0.

When I start Kodi now, I get the Aeon MQ9 Skin Config screen for like 3 seconds and then Kodi always crashes back the home screen, any Idea how I can make this work again?
The Nvidia Shield 9.0 experience hasn't one of their best releases. So far, Nvidia has released 3 hot fixes. Have you also installed those?
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No, there are some side effects that come with those fixes, that I rather not want, so I was hoping a new final release will eventually come soon.

So you think this is a Shield Software Issue and the configuration will finish after the next Update? Or is there another way how I can make this configuration of the MQ9 Skin finish, without Kodi crashing back to the main menu every time?
Unfortunately this won't be solved by a Shield Update. It looks like the configuration of the skin was not finished, and now is in a dirty state that makes Kodi Crash. Where the reason the skin was not fully configured could have been related to Shield, honestly it happened to me a couple of times with previous versions of MQ and Shield 8... Aeon-MQ is a heavy skin...

You basically need to get Kodi back to the standard skin, delete MQ and reinstall it. Not sure how to do that in your case, if Kodi crashes... there should be a way to do it via the settings file. On all the times that it happened to me Kodi was "kind of responsive enough" to be able to revert to the previous skin
Hi all,
I have currently installed Kodi Matrix 19.4 with AEON MQ8 skin on a Minix NEO U1 android box. It runs very slowly and, to be honest, in such a way the user experience is compromised enough

Does someone of you know if the AEON MQ9 is lighter and runs faster than MQ8?
Does someone of you have the AEON MQ9 running on a Minix NEO U1 android box and can you tell me if the user experience is good or unsatisfactory?

Thanks in advance

Here resume MQ9


A skin with a 4K interface. The skin code is based on the modern Ace 2 code but has been fully adapted to 3840x2160px resolution. In addition, all textures and backgrounds now also have 4K resolution for maximum visual quality.
But can I use this skin on my non-4K TV/monitor?
A. Yes, no problem. Texture refinements will still be made, but even on a FullHD screen, you will notice a better look compared to skins with 1920x1080px resolution.


Right now the skin is being developed for Kodi Matrix 19.
Matrix addons (scripts, plugins, and modules) installed via forum repository, download in our drive.

- New layout, with the return of the centered menu. It has a clean and elegant look.
- More power! The skin now supports up to 30 menus.
- Easier customization. When you access the Main Menu customization window you will see that the arrangement of items merges a used item and an empty item. This allows you to add a new menu at a given point without having to relocate items or even use the Replace function.
- Reminders for items in progress and suggestion based on last played media.
- New layout for context menu submenus.

 Styles for Main Menu - includes:
- Aeon MQ 9, Aeon MQ 8, and Aeon MQ 7 styled menu bar;
- 8 font types to choose from;
- color palette for the menu bar;
- color palette for the main and secondary fonts.

- In the Main Menu just use the arrow below to access the quick edit menu where you can Rename the menu, *Set the chosen menu like the one that receives focus when starting the skin, and also disable the menu.
- *The function of setting a menu as the main focus item is for easy customization. You no longer have to relocate items to change the initial focus menu. Choose a menu, check the option and you're done, when you start the skin the chosen menu will be focused no matter what position of the bar it is.

- A brand new selector organized by categories, also includes sorting and sorting options in the same window.
- A new code provides over 200% faster widget loading speed compared to Aeon MQ 8.
- Direct access to playlists and nodes. You no longer need to create an item in the main menu to have playlist widgets, you can now choose an existing playlist or node independently.
- The well-known feature called My Menu now gives way to Custom Favorites. Each of the 30 menus can have a set of independent custom favorite widgets. You can create a list with unique or mixed content with movies, sitcoms, add-ons and etc ..
- New button for Custom Widget where it is possible to include a URL for exclusive content.

- New types of views have been incorporated into Aeon MQ 9. Tech View and Sets Plus View. The well-known Frame View, Right List View and Wall View gained improvements and increased usability.
- All old views of Aeon MQ 8 were rewritten and incorporated during skin development.
- The media label bar now shows audio and subtitle languages ​​graphically, with the language, channel, and audio codec flag.

- New layout for the Pause window with minimalist design.
- Video Info window with cast widgets.
- New OSD menu bar with several built-in functions like direct access to audio tracks, subtitles, and my note.

- New layout, more organized and complete.
- Artist Info window with discography widgets.
- New OSD menu bar, with several built-in functions such as direct access to upcoming tracks, backgrounds, my note, preview effects, and playlist.

- Improved, cleaner, and more organized layout.
- New feature called My Submenu. Some menus have a default submenu, others have no submenu. In this case, just choose an empty set and include in it the submenus you want or you can also clone the submenu from another menu. This feature eliminates many idle lines of code while giving more customization power. With My Submenu, there is no longer the limitation of shared submenus as there is in Aeon MQ 8. Each menu has its own independent set.

- Option to choose between light mode or dark mode.
- In addition to the familiar options for setting panel and title colors, it is now also possible to change the color of the entire skin text, as well as the color of the hover button.

- In the Replace selector now all add-on options are available. You can create a menu with direct access to any item and include all other options as submenus.
- In addition to the menu the skin also offers full support for Netflix widgets.

- Completely reformulated, with grouped information where it is possible to see the current condition and also hourly separated by color between morning, afternoon, night and dawn.
- No longer need to define between northern or southern hemisphere, Aeon MQ 9 does this automatically based on the geographic coordinates of the chosen city.

- The Reapply adjustments function has been improved. Main menu customization is not affected using this function, only the general settings will be reset.
- Full Reset function is still available and resets all skin settings back to default.

- My rating - In the media info windows and also during playback you can set a personal rating. This rating will appear as My Rating in all windows where there is rating information.
- Several windows have been reviewed to improve navigation and overall experience.

I don´t use android here, better wait for one other person to say something about it.
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I may be wrong, but the locking of the MQ9 thread, the lack of information about its final version and finally its delay, is rather a joke, especially for all of us who have paid at least once to work with version 1.3
Where is MQ9?
i'm assuming they trashed the project. that why its locked. 
if that is the case. that is F%$# UP for the people that donated.
(2022-04-22, 12:59)onlineN Wrote: I may be wrong, but the locking of the MQ9 thread, the lack of information about its final version and finally its delay, is rather a joke, especially for all of us who have paid at least once to work with version 1.3

Check our forum, have info about it, and we have a chat tool available if need more info about the skin or anything more.  

Please read our FAQ, if don´t read it yet.
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I think your FAQ needs to be updated. AFAIKT MQ9 is now only available to paid subscribers (one time or monthly) as I don’t see MQ9 in the official Kodi Matrix repo. MQ8 is in the official Kodi Leia repo but that is OLD news. Maybe I’m missing something?

From your FAQ:

Skin will be available via official repo:

Yes, skin when finished will be publish via official repository Kodi, and it´s available free for all.

Don´t available because it´s not finished yet, so when done will see it in the Kodi Official Repository.

Sometimes, our personal lives request our full time, it´s the exact situation right now. 

I don´t need but I will say what it´s happened here, covid caused very issues in my father, he´s lost 25 Kg and doesn´t walk or eat alone, he needs constant care. So don´t judge based on false premises. Marcos also has his reasons, and they are quite plausible, believe me, we are the first to want to finish MQ9.
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@Wanilton of course I hope for all the best in what you are dealing with in your private life!
@Wanilton Sorry for that, we hope the best for you and your familiy.
Nobody likes to desturb you. But could you please provide the beta version here in forum for download now?

In another forum you wrote that it´s not 100% done, but nothing critical.
Here in the Forum are a lots of specialists (@latts9923 , @scott967 ,  @emiralles and many more) meanwhile, who maybe can finish the skin. And if you are coming back in future , you can make your work finish like you want or make new developments. We would be happy too about Aeon MQ10 in future. Blush We are also very appreciate for your work in past and would be always in future. Without your skin kodi would be as half as so pretty, comfortable and usefull.

PLease provide the download.
Thank you and we wish you all the best.
Hi All
I can't find the option to block the scrolling of the menus
I like that the menu can scroll from movie to options and then freezes not automatically reverting to movie
I'll remember in the old skin it was possible to choose scrolling menu option

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