Req Adding LOOP capability
Most of the media player have the capability to loop the reproduction of a media. It means: at the end of the media, start again, forever or until it is manually stopped.
VLS, for example, can loop on a single media or even on a whole playlist (looping the playing of many files).
I think there are many occasions where this feature would be useful also in Kodi
Could this be a new feature?
(2022-03-10, 22:23)itz10vv Wrote: Could this be a new feature?

No. There is already a feature there. Run a video, press the C for the context menu, and go into the slide/blade menu on the left side. Choose Repeat: One or All. Playlists may have their own features.
Thanks, actually I didn't know.
But ... not exactly what i meant. 
Doing what you said, you actually turn everything to loop, i.e.: playing media A (let's say a video file), set the loop = all, looping forever. Media B (let's say a streamed movie) starts as effect of a timer (addon Timers)  -->> Media B loops forever, that is something not so cute

The loop should only be effective for the media being played when set, or for the Playlist being played when set, or maybe for the folder containing the video/music being played when set and this's it, not for everything played from that moment on.
The attribute "loop" (all or one) should be associated to the "media / playlist / folder" items, instead it is associated the function "play", isn't it?

Not argumenting on the way it is done, but it seems not the best way of managing loop

I always asked about this function when it was still called Xbmc. An A-B loop for me is essential. One day I asked if this function would be possible and someone replied: Why on earth does anyone need this function in a video player? Well, for a teacher, repeating is essential. For a language and music teacher, like me, even more so - to learn how to play a solo you have to repeat, repeat, repeat... And I've even seen addons that help you learn guitar. Maybe it would even be possible, through an open library, called rubberband, to change the pitch and tonality as some open sources like Playitslowly and Mpv do.
Additionally you can set-up a loop between bookmarks, but yes it would be nice to loop on a function key.

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