Acquiring an HD Homerun for use with IPTVSImple Client?
I already use IPTV simple client and IPTV Merge

I was thinking about adding a tuner that I can merge the content into IPTV Simple client, and I was thinking the HD Homeruns may do this.

I am not necessarily interested in the UHD versions as I do not have hardware HVEC decoding anyway , but I see many of the older HD Homeruns are Mpeg2 only with no h264 transcoding.

By default my Mpeg 2 VAAPI on my LibreElec installs is disabled (due to incompatibility?) . How will my old Hacked Chromeboxes, and minimal x86-64 mini PCs handle decoding these files? 

Does anyone have a suggestion? I am looking for low cost and have no problem buying used but it is really hard to know what is what with some of these units as there are so many models.
If you want to use an HDHR with IPTV Simple then you probably need the newer models that support http streaming.  The legacy device use commands to tune rtp.

You don't say where are you from and what types of broadcasts you want.  Typically in North America it is OTA (ATSC) or cable card.  Elsewhere it can be DVB-T (antenna) DVB-S (satellite) or DVB-C (cable)  I don't think the HDHR supports DVB-S

HEVC is limited for broadcast anyway but the HDHR records the raw stream so the device itself won't matter.  You will find HEVC for ATSC 3.0 but Kodi doesn't support the AC-4 audio.    In other countries you would need to check.

If you want recordings, comskip etc, many PVR backends support the HDHR and the channels would should up with IPTV Simple.   Many backends can also use the legacy tuners.  Some backends support sharing the stream over multiple clients.

Thanks for the Reply,

Yes I am in North America, USA, and would want ATSC (off air only, no need for QAM)

I do not understand your HEVC comments as clarifying much about Kodi compatibility rather seem to present a new barrier with the AC-4 audio , leaving me even more confused. So if there is no AC-4 support in Kodi and I buy a UHD model , I would get no audio? 

I guess posting this has led to more confusion still.
HDHomerun Simple and IPTV Manager will add IPTV simple support.

Use my beta repo for the latest updates.

-- Or --

Install a HDHomerun PVR plugin and run both IPTV Simple and HDHomerun backend.
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If by UHD you mean 4K from ATSC 3.0 Kodi, if it is available it is not wide spread.   There are HEVC/AC-4 broadcasts but most of them are the same resolution as ATSC 1.0 broadcasts and as noted AC-4 is not currently playable with Kodi.

NBC did broadcast 4K Olympics but that was on cable (HEVC/Atmos)

I thought only one PVR addon was installable at a time.

Your link is dead anyway.

Also I have no idea what add ons are compatible with what as the more I read the more I see that some HD homeruns will not work with some add ons. 

I have no desire to throw away money on a solution that does not work , so I am trying to do the homework here. I can not seem to put all the variables together because I do not even have an idea which HD Homeruns work with what software let alone which will play on my minimalist x86-64 LibreElec systems.

Lets assume at this point I want to buy a HD Homerun Connect or similar era unit.
There are multiple generations of the Connect series.  Silicon Dust don't help by marketing the current Flex modes like this "FLEX - the next generation HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO".  Those would all be http models  There are 3 generations of the Dual which use the legacy interface. 

Your decision should be first deciding how many simultaneous clients you will have watching live TV and potentially recording.  That will help you decide if you want a backend or not.   If you keep them all independent you could end up with tuner conflicts. 

This will also help you decide if you need 2 or 4 tuners.  Unless you get a great deal avoid the legacy models*  I put the * there because one advantage in using legacy mode, even on the Connect series is being able to watch and record multiple virtual channels with one tuner simultaneously (ie 7.1, 7.2, 7.3) with backends like NextPVR.   You need to decide if the future ATSC 3.0 reception is important. 

Yes you can use multiple PVR addons, many support the HDHR natively, how well multiple addons will work varies depending on the version of Kodi you have.   Matrix is recommended.  If you want another backend   You don't need to pick one today.

Whatever box or approach you choose the streams going to Kodi will all be exactly the same as broadcast.  Intel CPU's shouldn't have problems with ATSC 1.0 mpeg2video even de-interlacing 1080i.  My LE Chromebox is perfect with this broadcast media, it is obsolete for newer standards.

Another consideration will be EPG data, OTA guide data in North America sucks, so you will need an alternate source.


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Acquiring an HD Homerun for use with IPTVSImple Client?0
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