SoundBlaster Live 24-bit External - Pulse / ALSA

I'm having a bit of trouble getting audio working in XBMC, mostly because the above mentioned soundcard I could never get to function with ALSA and pretty much only works with Pulse.

I understand that XBMC doesn't yet support Pulse, but I'm hoping there's possibly a way of "passing through" so that I can get audio working, maybe even directly over S/PDIF which I am using in any case.

Clearly the "default" option won't work, maybe someone has some in sight? Maybe even outside XBMC, so I can let the system "lie" to XBMC and think it's using ALSA?
Yes, XBMC uses ALSA. So, until you get your card working with ALSA in linux in general, you have no hope of it working in XBMC.
Bugger, is it as I feared then.

Thanks for your input.
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SoundBlaster Live 24-bit External - Pulse / ALSA51