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First of all a HUGE THANK YOU to all you people out there who have been creating translations of the MediaStream strings into your own (and other?) languages. This is something we really appreciate as it helps bring the skin to a wider audience and is not really something we could do ourselves. Big Grin

We've been thinking about how we can make this easier on you since at the moment you're always chasing the skin - we make a release and then you find out what new strings need translated and that makes it into the next release, only you then find we've added some more strings.

We are thinking about having the latest version of the strings.xml hosted on our website but in the meantime I'm starting this thread and am going to post any updated strings in here as soon as we add them to our SVN. That way you get a chance to translate it and upload your updated strings.xml for us to include in the next release.

You'll be pleased to hear that there are no (as yet) new or updated strings in the v0.90 release this weekend so you can take a well earned break Wink

PS A big thanks to blittan who has been adding all these translations to SVN.
The pleasure was ours, skunkm0nkee! Thank you for your appreciation.

It would be nice if there was an option to be ahead of upcoming releases. Keep us updated!
No problem, will do! Big Grin
A few new strings have been added for the next release:

PHP Code:
<string id="31682">on TV Wall</string>
string id="31683">with TV views</string>
string id="31684">Hide Custom Backgrounds</string>

string id="31716">Coverflow</string
Thanks for this Skunk, a great idea which I think will help the community a great deal
Another new one:

PHP Code:
<string id="31685">Show Animated</string

Quote:<string id="31682">on TV Wall</string>
<string id="31683">with TV views</string>
<string id="31684">Hide Custom Backgrounds</string>

<string id="31716">Coverflow</string>

Quote:<string id="31685">Show Animated</string>

Are both updates for the setting section in the "string.xml"

Thanks for setting up this thread Big Grin
Yep, all the strings I placed in here are from the MediaStream strings.xml file

Got another couple:

PHP Code:
<string id="31228">Lyrics</string>

string id="31686">Show Horizontal Music Vis</string

Sorry about the late notice but I'll be releasing a new version of the skin this evening so if you do want us to include your updated translations you've got about 9-10 hours to go Nod
Hi skunkm0nkee

I could translate the strings right now, but i will translate them after i see what they do in the skin, because sometimes the string is too large, and i would like to do a contextual translation and not the "correct" translation.
Can't wait to get my hands on the new version of the skin.... <string id="31685">Show Animated</string> ... i want to test this one...hehehehehe
Hmmm, you got a point, let's hope a fix "resizable depending on length" is ready soon. (probably after atlantis) Maybe a small description of new strings for better translation.

Let's continu discussion of translate for this release in the dutch thread.
New string added for v0.92:

PHP Code:
<string id="31717">Options Menu</string
Sorry guys, I added a few new strings just before I made the new release today so haven't given you any time to translate them. If you check out the new release you'll see what they are.
Updated strings for next release:

PHP Code:
<string id="31044">By</string// For new sub menus on home (By Genre, By Year etc)
<string id="31045">Recently Added</string>

string id="31113">Clips</string>  // Used to be All Videos 
Added new string for next release:

PHP Code:
<string id="31690">Hide No Thumb Icons</string
Two more strings added

PHP Code:
<string id="31126">TV Show Details</string>
string id="31127">Episode Details</string

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