v19 Cannot get PVR HDHOMERUN app to start
Installed the app (19.1) from the Kodi Repository, running Matrix 19.3  Looking at My Add Ons, kit shows as enabled, but the option to RUN is greyed out.  Config doesn't really add much to the story.  I have HDHR3-cc working and if I go into the Setting PVR & LIVE I can see all my channels when I go into the Channel Manager.   But all I get when I end the Configure is a  "Needs to Restart" message,  Unclear with that means, but have restarted Kodi as well as the PC (Windows 10) with no changes.  I'm obviously missing something as part of the install process.   I followed all directions from here:  https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:HDHomeRun
What is it that you’re not seeing? You don’t run PVR addons you just enable them.

Maybe post a full debug log using a paste site.
Maintainer of Enigma2 PVR addon: repo, docschangelog
How to create a full debug: here
OK, now that makes some sense, but then how do I actually view live channels in Kodi?  The below "help" doesn't.


7. while the final message will let you know your add-on installs.

8. Go back to the Kodi Add-ons page. This time, select the Video add-ons tab. You'll see your newly downloaded add-on pop up in the main body of the window. Select it to launch it.  (no I didn't see anything different from my Video Ad-ons)

9. Kodi will open your add-on (what Ad-on, i not the PVR client, then what?). From there, you can navigate through and locate a TV stream to start watching!
You seem to be confusing the HDHomerun Video addon with the PVR addon, you should install via PVR clients.  Although not clear on the wiki the video addon doesn't appear to exist for Matrix.

Actually the first thing I did was install the PVR HDHOMERUN ClientImage Ad-on, I assumed this is the plugin for the homerun system, but what I am totally missing is what in Kodi (native or Ad-on) actually gives me channel selection on picture rendering within the Kodi Window.  I'm new in the forum, but I been using Kodi for 4 or 5 years,  this is my first time trying to bring in Live TV. Seems I'm missing something obvious .

Yes PVR addons can be confusing because the run button is not usable even though it is a there.  You aren't the first to experience this.  You are supposed see channels under TV, assuming your configuration is correct. 

Thanks,  "TV" sent me a mental signal.  I had removed main menu items awhile ago showing just Video Ad Ons, Favorites and Videos, so it was a s simple reminder to go back and change that to add TV and now its working.  DUH... thanks for the mental cue

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Cannot get PVR HDHOMERUN app to start0
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