Moving Music Videos into the MusicDB
Saw a recommendation elsewhere in this forum calling for a move of Music Videos out of the Video db and into the Music db for greater integration with music. I don't know where this discussion ended up (I lost the thread), but at first glance it seems a reasonable change (i.e., the only difference between audio & music video is the player that gets used).

I like the idea of being able to have a "role" called composer and a playlist with a combo of my audio and music videos together for the composer (e.g., Mozart). I can also then have an "artist" called Mozart with a picture and bio, linked to all the Mozart composition. As it is, I only have a pic & bio by performer, e.g., Von Karajan, the conductor.

Music videos are more likely to be "singles" rather than albums. Are there any other pros or cons folks can think up?
Thinking about it I'm now not sure how I would tag audio files with the composer, since the artist information is embedded within the mp3 itself. A single composition could literally be performed by thousands of artists and a single title could have many different composers. Hum...
You can add .mp4 videofiles to the musiclibrary and easily tag them however you want just like you tag your mp3s. You can also make nfos for the same mp4s and also add them to the musicvideo library.
Quote:add .mp4 videofiles to the musiclibrary
never tried that before, but i just did and .mp4 files do not get scanned to the music library (at least with my setup)
Quote:make nfos for the same mp4s
not sure how this is relevant to the original topic ... the idea is to have the functionality of music videos be the same as that of music ... but with my later  caveat that artist roles are important (e.g., Mozart = composer, Van Karajan = conductor)
(2022-05-14, 03:30)Longtime Collector Wrote: never tried that before, but i just did and .mp4 files do not get scanned to the music library (at least with my setup)

add this to your advancesettings.xml:


Se more here
Quote:add this to your advancesettings.xml:
Yes that worked for adding music videos to the music library. Thanks I didn't know that.
Now there's the problem of attaching the .nfo to the music piece ... various artists and their roles, plot, etc. The Kodi instructions on music .nfo's seems very well hidden. I tried the following with all the suspect variations (actor/artist, movie/music), but with no joy:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<title>Abreu - Tico Tico</title>
Zequinha de Abreu: Tico Tico Recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie, 31 December 2001
        <name>Daniel Barenboim</name>
        <name>Zequinha de Abreu</name>
        <name>Berliner Philharmoniker</name>

I guess I could add this information embedded within the .mp4 if I knew the appropriate tags that would get picked up by the scrapper. Any thoughts?
FYI Musicbrainz picard can write tags to .mp4.
Quote:Musicbrainz picard can write tags to .mp4
Thanks. I use discogs for automated tags ... Musicbrainz is more album-oriented, and my collection is singles-oriented. I use software to tweak my tags (including .mp4's).
What I need to know is the format of the tag to be written into the mp4. states that "roles [are] read from tags embedded in music files" without telling me how to embed the tags within the music file so they get properly scrapped into the mymusic.db. What's the name and format of the id3 tag for role such that it gets associated with an artist?

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