Is it possible??

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I have all my shows in appropriate folders, eg X-Files, CSI etc, and then further folders for each season. When you highlight an episode in file mode there's a black box at the side of the screen which, if scraped, shows a relevant image from that episode. Is there anyway that you can instead link to the folder.jpg of that folder, so then you can have a DVD cover of season 1 for the first folder and so on. I am looking through xbmc wiki for any pointers which has been very handy for finding out how to tweak my remote settings but I'm not sure if the answer to my question is there. If it is a quick nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

Hope all that makes sense Smile
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I think that it should just pull up the folder.jpg automagically in file mode if it's there.

Better yet, use the library mode...I'm almost sure you can select a season thumb using the context menu.
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