1 loud shriek for half a second before playing music
I have this annoying this happen whenever I play any of my music, or even the radio/soundcloud addons, where a loud shriek is played for half a second before playing the music. Best I can describe it is like a strong hit on the high-hat on a drum set with no echo. This only happens on first play, so after the first song finishes the rest play with no problem. This also doesn't happen when playing videos at all.

Not sure where to begin to tackle this problem really. All audio settings are default, as I don't have any special setups. It's just Kodi 19 on a RPi4 with OSMC attached to a TV.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
On my setup I had a similar issue -- not related to Kodi. There the issue was a sampling rate setting of the DAC which caused a noise each time the audio was started for the first time. Maybe this is also something you can try to change in the Kodi settings (using a fixed output rate and try out the different values, I guess TVs will most likely expect 48 kHz or 96 kHz).
So I searched for what DAC means and it's Digital to Analogue converter. The thing is I don't use a digital to analogue converter in my setup. The RPi4 is directly connected to the TV through HDMI and I'm using the TV's speakers. So I don't think there is anything analogue in the way. This is new area for me so please explain if I'm wrong with this explanation.

In the Kodi setting, going to System then Audio, I can't see anywhere to change the output settings with the numbers you mentioned. There is a setting called 'output configuration' but it only has 3 options of optimizes, fixed, and best match and is currently on optimized by default.

Thank you for help.
Are the settings:

Keep audio device alive
Send low volume noise

turned on? refer to https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/System/Audio

If so try turning both of those off.
Tried turning both of those settings off (was 1 minute, and ON by default) but still have that annoying shriek when first playing music or radio.
I note you're using OSMC, so pleace try putting LibreElec onto an SD card then try using that to see if you get the same thing, just in case it's a OSMC specifc issue.
@ifelsethenend, in your setup the DAC is built into your TV. It will good to try to set the Kodi's audio settings to a fixed sampling rate of 48 kHz, and 2 channels only. Can you try that?

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1 loud shriek for half a second before playing music0
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