Replicating remote behavior of Libreelec
I have had to move one of my libreelec boxes to Windows that I am not very happy about, but it allows me to run an unrelated windows program on that Kodi box. 

I have also recently began conforming my remotes after changing from what I have used for so long in Linux and libreelec

Since I am now using the same model Windows MCE remote on both Libreelec and Windows I want conformity in their behavior. This sounds easy but is not so easy .

Libreelec has a feature where you can input text via the number keys, like the letters on a telephone keypad. I am trying to reproduce this behavior exactly so when "2" is pressed once it outputs the number "2" when it is pressed three times it should produce "'b"

This is what I see in libreelec logs when pressing 4 , 5 and 6


2022-06-22 20:38:52.180 T:702 DEBUG : LIRC: - NEW 204 0 KEY_NUMERIC_4 devinput (KEY_NUMERIC_4)
2022-06-22 20:38:52.205 T:698 DEBUG : HandleKey: 203 (0xcb, obc52) pressed, action is Number4

2022-06-22 20:38:53.097 T:702 DEBUG : LIRC: - NEW 205 0 KEY_NUMERIC_5 devinput (KEY_NUMERIC_5)
2022-06-22 20:38:53.105 T:698 DEBUG : HandleKey: 202 (0xca, obc53) pressed, action is Number5

2022-06-22 20:38:53.848 T:702 DEBUG : LIRC: - NEW 206 0 KEY_NUMERIC_6 devinput (KEY_NUMERIC_6)
2022-06-22 20:38:53.873 T:698 DEBUG : HandleKey: 201 (0xc9, obc54) pressed, action is Number6

It does not appear it is any "special Key function" and multiple presses of the same key repeat the original

So how do I duplicate this behavior on kodi for Windows?
I did something similar, when I first configued kodi for window a couple of years ago.
Similar in the sense that, pressing the numerical buttuon on the remote would search in my films for film begining with eg "J" would require one press of the eight key, or "L" would require 3 presses of the eight key.
Although I didnt go as far as setting it up to enter text in this manner, I'm pretty sure its to do with the "JUMPSMS" command.

Have a look here on  HOW-TO:Use SMS-style text entry for remotes

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Replicating remote behavior of Libreelec0
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