Tips for coding python scripts / plugins compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows AND Xbox
using os.getcwd() in conjunction with the recommended url style path divider '/' creates a path with mixed dividers.


DIR_HOME = os.getcwd().replace( ";", "" )
DIR_RESOURCES_LIB = "/".join( [DIR_HOME, "resources", "lib"] )
sys.path.insert(0, xbmc.translatePath(DIR_RESOURCES_LIB) )


C:\Program Files\XBMC\scripts\<scriptname>/resources/lib

which is ugly, but it still works on win32 and xbox (don't know about others)
HOME_DIR is only really used as a base for relative subdirs and it doesnt upset
translatePath() but any recommendations to get a path all using the same divider ?

Note:: xbmc.Language( DIR_HOME ) which appends 'resources' must produce:
C:\Program Files\XBMC\scripts\<scriptname>/resources/

Is this likely to be a future problem ?

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BBB, do NOT use "/".join() for an actual path.

you use os.cwd() to get the actual current directory, so use os.path.join()

only use "/".join() when you start with a url eg "special://home/"
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ok. will do.

Would a special:// that relates to current location ( as found with os.getcwd() ) be a useful one to have too ?
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Doesn't xbmc python support SYS module
os.getcwd() doesnt always give current directory of script, it depends where the script is RUN from... even on windows or linux..

Try os.path.dirname( sys.argv[0] )
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Hi, my name is Filipe, and i need some helps. Im new on XBMC development, and i dont now where can i find material to learn how to use python on XBMC.
I need do some modifications in the pythons code. Someone can help me?


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Tips for coding python scripts / plugins compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows AND Xbox2
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