Kodi Restarts Several times a night

I am a long time Kodi user now for 15yrs plus. I currently have 4 instances in my house on various hardware but I am more and more frequently getting resets. Kodi locks up, goes to a black screen and restarts kodi. The activity at the time can be anything but our most comon use is Live TV, streaming Catchup TV or playing a LAN file. Generally the crash is not caused by any input of the controls, just while watching. 
I keep thinking new versions will fix it but so far although some versions are more stable than others but I still get reboots.
I really want to get to the bottom of it as 4-5 restarts an evening is not ideal for a primary tv source. I have completly wiped and started new builds a few times and still no luck. I am really at a dead end. I have also tried a RPi4 and although its a little more stable still get reboots.
The only remaining cause could be network issues but the VM is the worst and its running on the Unraid server that hosts the files so althought I don't know the ins and outs of how a Bridged Network works on VM its the same machine as the files so shouldnt be. 
Below is a brief on the setup.

Local Infrastructure:
Unraid Server running dockers for TVHeadend and also NextPVR (tried both to see if one was the cause)
TV Input from an HDHomerun
Gigbit Network
Unifi Internet Gateway Managing DHCP, DNS etc
Local files played from Unraid Samba share

Kodi Instance 1 - VM:
Undraid VM of LibreElec running Generic.x86_64-10.0.2
Nvidia GT710 Card
Default Skin
Only addons are catchup tv style
Log File: VM Log File

Kodi Instance 2 - ODROID-N2:
CoreElec running CoreELEC 19.5-Matrix_rc2
Default Skin
Only addons are catchup tv style
Log File: ODROID Log File

Any help to try and poinpoint this would be great.

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Kodi Restarts Several times a night0
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