Information on pause, FF, Rewind
I've switched from an RPi3 running an older version of LibreElec/Kodi to an RPi4 running the latest nightly. Back on the RPi3 when I paused, FF or rewound the status bar at the top gave some additional information to the current version. The bit that I really miss is the time the video will finish. Is there a way of getting it back?
Not without hacking the skin.  What you're seeing is the new status bar as of Kodi 19.  You can still get the full info screen, but you need to press 'i' on your keyboard (of the info button on your remote) to see it.

"Not without hacking the skin." 

That's what I expected Sad

"What you're seeing is the new status bar as of Kodi 19."

May I politely deplore your taste in status bars <G>

"You can still get the full info screen, but you need to press 'i' on your keyboard (of the info button on your remote) to see it."

Sused that but it would have been nice not to have to.
(2022-08-22, 16:25)Caithness Wrote: May I politely deplore your taste in status bars <G>

A good number of users wanted to move the status bar to the top because it simply hid subtitles when pausing a video.
Its always been a problem, at least in my experience - however you design a system you upset some people whilst pleasing others.

I've looked at other skins but either I don't like them or they have issues. I also thought of modifying Estuary but when I saw the number of xml files and variables ran away quickly!
The edit itself is pretty easy, if you know what and where to change Wink

To make it permanent is a bit more hassle as you are using LibreELEC. Because of LibreELEC you can't direclty modify Estuary. To customize Estuary you have to make a copy of it to your skin folder and rename the skin:

Copy the skin to the addons-folder:
cp -R /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary/ /storage/.kodi/addons/skin.estuary-caithness/

To rename the skin to something else, please edit the addon.xml file and replace this line: 

<addon id="skin.estuary" version="3.0.5" name="Estuary" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman">


<addon id="skin.estuary-caithness" version="3.0.5" name="Estuary-caithness" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman, caithness">

After that, restart Kodi and navigate to:  Settings -> Interface -> Skin -> Skin 
and select the skin which contains your username (it should already be listed). 

At this point you are at your own skin and you are able to modify everything you like and it will be permanent. 

To get the "Finish Time" (the time the video will end) back, simply modify the following file: 


and replace:



<label>$VAR[SeekTimeLabelVar] / $INFO[Player.FinishTime]</label>

and you are done. 

Good luck
Thanks for that, I haven't looked for a while because I had to go back to the Pi3 for a while. I'm back on the Pi4 and hoping things will keep working now so I'll have a go at your instreuctions.
if you have a pc you can edit the Estuary skin then rezip and load as zip on the pi

Thanks for the info. Without it I wouldn't have been able to implement Karellen's help on LastPlayed & PlayCount. Unfortunately the mod you suggested to Custom_1109_TopBarOverlay.xml only resulted in nothing being displayed in the top bar.

Did I misinterpret




<label>$VAR[SeekTimeLabelVar] / $INFO[Player.FinishTime]</label>
I don't know what was wrong but things are working now. I have managed to replace the chapter number (on the basis of I don't care) with the ending time. Thanks again.
Hey guys, a question regarding Estuary skin on KODI 19.4.0 (Windows):
How to adjust the skin so when the video is paused it shows the name of the video, current time, end time, time line, playback time and video lenght, just the same way as if I pressed Enter twice. Shown here:


Surely I can always press the Enter key twice to pause with desired info elements but when unpaused (with Enter key) the info elements stay until I press Escape or Backspace which is kinda annoying.

It could also be the combination of Info + Pause, like this, which is even better, anyththing from those two would be perfect.

I've tried the old customization of "Custom_1109_TopBarOverlay.xml" file
Change this


to this
<label>$VAR[SeekTimeLabelVar] / $INFO[Player.FinishTime]</label>

But it only adds end time to the default view.

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