Looking for suggestions on where to focus for new addition to my theater environment

I usually don't post since I've always been able to find my answer by searching the forums. Unfortunately, my idea for a new hardware environment feature is a bit outside of the normal scope. I have stuff like the 5th element stones that react to what is happening in Kodi and such. Think Harry Potter at Universal. I have a solid design for what I want in this project but the issue I have is I need Kodi to send a network notification that includes the premiered field to my Node Red server when media is selected. Such as when you are browsing movies or tv shows each time a new item has focus Kodi sends out it's premiered data.

I already utilize the connection for other interactive events, it's just figuring out the best approach to start learning. Where is the best place in the Kodi program to try and get something like this to happen? I know it's a really odd ball thing but it's going to be awesome if it works. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you
@SchlagDog I have binned your duplicate thread.

I know it can be frustrating to wait for someone to provide some help but starting multiple threads is not the answer and against the rules. If you feel this thread is in the wrong section then we can move it but perhaps provide a bit more specific detail of what you are trying to achieve. It is possible people just aren't getting what it is you want to do?
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I don't know enough to say if I am in the correct area or not. That's part of my question. There are a lot of moving parts to Kodi and was hoping for a "that functionality is handled in this area, please post there." So, from the other post that was deleted which describes what I'm doing in more detail;

I monitor the notifications sent from Kodi in my Node Red flow I have on my network server (the reason the first post was in the JSON section). These events then drive lighting and sound in my Theater area. If any one has been to the Harry Potter Diagon Alley in Universal, will have a good idea of what I mean. As an example I have made the stones from 5th element that light and change intensity based on if the screen saver is on, Kodi is active, or media is playing. My next addition to the environment is about 1/3 done. I have addressable LED lighting in the crown molding driven by an Adruino UNO and controlled over USB by the theater pc running Event Ghost as a go between from Node Red. Here's the fun part, I want to adjust Kodi so that when an item is highlighted/has focus, that has a Premiered field a notification is sent that includes the field data. What part of Kodi is responsible for this notification?

In case it matters, this information will be used to drive the information shown in the destination portion of the Back to the Future time machine clock. When media is started the color in the crown molding will change from a room light to flames on either side of the room. A nod to the flames left by the tires when jumping time.

That part is done and working nicely. Just need to work out the Kodi portion and I'm golden. 

Again, any help is appreciated even if it's just "hey you really should be checking with these folks because that's in their wheel house."

Thank you.

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Looking for suggestions on where to focus for new addition to my theater environment0
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