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scraping differences between Plex and XBMC Atlantis a4?
Recent plex->xbmc switcher, was wondering if there was a difference between the scraping techniques between the two programs. Plex pulls in all of my TV shows into my library correctly, while XBMC produces very few episode matches (like 1 in the 90 something i have tried so far). All of my shows are in the

<SMBShare>\TV Shows\Title\Season\1x01.avi

format. After setting content on the "TV Shows" folder (to, getting info for a show (on the "Title" folder level) correctly identifies it, and pulls the correct thumbnail, however it then finds no episode matches for said show. The 1 episode that it *did* identify was a BSG season 2 episode. I don't understand how it could see 1 episode in a folder without all the rest, with identical naming conventions.

I'm seeing this behavior on 2 machines (both 10.5), and immediately loading Plex back up and performing the same scrapes give me complete episode results.

Should I be doing this differently with XBMC?
as everything originated in xbmc; no.

more info needed, logs etc
Said file format was only supported very recently. After Atlantis a4 was released.

You can either add a regexp to advancedsettings.xml, wait for beta1 (should be 3 days or so), or build it from SVN yourself (it's quite easy - you just need xcode and follow the readme).

<advancedsettings action="prepend">
    <regexp>[\._ \\/\-]([0-9]+)x([0-9]+)[^\\/]*</regexp>  <!-- 1x09 -->

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ahhh, that was it! thanks, works like a charm!

scraping differences between Plex and XBMC Atlantis a4?00