Connect Kodi to unifi VPN
I want to start by telling you that I am not very knowledgeable in this area. Hope for understanding.
I have a Qnap NAS and a Unifi Dream Machine at home, I connect via WiFiMan on mobiles and pads, also have VPN connection to my computer through UDMen.
Now I would like to access the media from the NAS to my MiBox and androidtv in my cabin.
Since WiFiMan doesn't work with the MiBox, I wonder if I can connect the Kodi app to the NAS at home in some simple way?
I have checked my router here and it is not possible to connect it directly to the NAS at home.
I have a fiber connection on both places but under the campsite's network in my cabin.

Thank you for your time.
For starters, TeamKodi has a VPN policy (wiki) that basically makes us "couldn't care less" about VPN connections. Our application works fine without it.

External wan connections in general involves opening network ports on routers on both ends, and I'm not sure if the manager of your camp site will be happy to oblige and open up their network. Opening any port on a router can turn into a network security issue.

I have no experience with Ubiquity or QNAP products. so perhaps others can shine a light.
VPN is at the OS level. Unifi VPN uses Wire Guard underneath. Research how to get Wire Guard on the OS on your MiBox.

Edit: What Klojum says
(2022-10-14, 09:12)Danny225 Wrote: I want to ask if we use a VPN so is it true that VPN servers trace our data.

So which part regarding VPN that TeamKodi "couldn't care less about" in my previous comment do you not comprehend?
This will be your last useless comment or "question" on this forum.
Any future non-contribution post will be removed as well as your forum account.

And by the way, you are also hijacking someone else's topic/thread.
(2023-05-27, 10:01)jackfrostenson Wrote: I agree with Klum, if the answer seems useless to you, just don't ask stupid questions here and now

If you don't want your forum account thrown away, stop posting stupid and useless "replies" to random forum threads. And learn to spell my username right.

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