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Hi, planning to get the older apple tv 4k as homekit hub
Since it still does have one of the fastest chip on the market for a streaming box.
How well does it handle kodi skins that’s resource intensive?
My personal experience of Kodi on Apple TV has been awful. Getting it on was a challenge, but one that was overcome by following the instructions on the Kodi Wiki.
In terms of usage though. Clunky. Irrisponsive. Crashes all the time. It's just not a pleasant experience. Compare that to Infuse or Emby, there's no competition.
I have a nVidia Sheild in my bedroom. I have Kodi on there using an Emby plugin so both machines share the same library. It's a consulation prize at best.
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Quote:I would wish that there is a official ATV App in the store, with all Addons preinstalled, which are considered legal (like language packs, scrapers and so on). Would live perfectly without beeing able to install more Addons, but having a prperly supported version of Kodi.

(2022-11-14, 17:51)jarosujo Wrote: How is MrMc handling HDR and Dolby Atmos ?
Run away. MrMc is basically a scam at this point. It is unsupported, super buggy, with garbage skins and has not been maintained since November 2020. I wish there were a way to tell Apple that it should not be for sale in the app store.

It is so abandoned that the developers don't even bother to respond to the criticism on their own website.
You would think Kodi devs would do that since they claim they are agaisnt the pirates.

If they are, then make a damn version that wont allow those addons and sell the product on the Apple Store. Infuse does.
(2023-03-15, 04:24)foghorn2 Wrote: You would think Kodi devs would do that since they claim they are agaisnt the pirates.

If they are, then make a damn version that wont allow those addons and sell the product on the Apple Store. Infuse does.

OR ...

you could create your own fork of kodi, call it "IHeartApple Media Center" and then you can choose to limit users ability to use it how they want and instead dictate how they can use it

and i even have an idea for your new logo, a big red 5-pointed star


unless your only talent is complaining about developers on the internet then your only option is to use what youve been given and be grateful
I think it is more about getting support here in the forum devs and having a common code base to get the app more polished on the ATV, rather than just complaining. There is a compiled version of Kodi for the ATV mentioned already a couple of times here in the forums, which is signed and updated automatically, but it is not officially supported. Though it is the plain standard version of Kodi, it still doesn't run very polished on ATV. And this status could change if more people could easily install the Standard version of Kodi from the App Store directly. That would bring way more ATV Users to Kodi and more reports and feedback to get it on level with other platforms. I think that this is the only thing people wanted to say here and not just complaining.
kodi is a user supported program, no genius bar included

only offering complaints is not supportive but rather the opposite

things i know to be true
  1. getting anything approved by apple is a pita
  2. kodi development will not include custom hacks for any platform, it will do its best to run on all platforms with the same code
  3. most apple users don't want to leave the apple universe so that limits users by itself
  4. kodi is hands on and lends itself to developers (or at minimum coding hobbyists) more so than regular users who are used to "point, click, go"
  5. there is an entire section devoted to support for apple tv users - which appears to be very low on activity

i am an unaffiliated user who offers said user support but i do not use apple products and this may be another limitation for support, a lot of people who can offer help simply don't use that platform


furthermore, dictating what users can or cannot do on a platform is precisely why kodi is not in the apple store
For me is the new Apple TV 4K the best streaming player with infuse.
One fir the oldies like me . If you use subtitles and watch BBCI player, Don’t buy Apple TV . For some reason subs are not supported in that app. I sold my atv 5 yrs ago because of this. Son has one and says ATV subtitle support iplayer app on atv still hasn’t been implemented.

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