Start XBMC on Windows Startup?

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quanfer Offline
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How do I have XBMC load up when my PC boots up windows so I don't have to grab my mouse and launch the program?
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funtasticguy Offline
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Create a shortcut to XBMC and drag that shortcut to your "Startup" folder. To access your Startup folder, just click on "Start", "Programs", and finally "Startup".
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keithskaggs Offline
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You might also consider a freeware program like Startup Delayer. I found that some of my other programs starting up would interfere with XBMC and it would end up minimized unless I delayed it long enough for the AV program and the performace tuning program that I run on my system to fully initialize. With Startup Delayer, I set XBMC to load after 25 seconds and it work perfectly. I also use AutoLogon so my XBMC PC will logon after a reset or powerproblem automatically.

Startup delayer can be found at

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jacanuck Offline
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If you use a batch file to launch XBMC, you can add the following line in front of the XBMC.exe to delay X number of seconds.

ping -n 1 -w XX000

For 25 seconds, you'd use
ping -n 1 -w 25000

For 60 seconds, you'd use
ping -n 1 -w 60000
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