Solved Problem with Resuming Streams on Kodi 19/20
first of all, i am VERY new to this, so if I make a mistake, please donΒ΄t be to hard on me, thank you ;-)

my problem ist, that on my Grundig Android 11 (40 VOE 62) all media files, that i want playback from my USB Drive in Kodi start from the beginning.
I never am able to resume them. I checked the default behavior ("Ask"), and I installed Playback Resumer and I also tried Kodi 20 Beta.
Same behavior. It always starts from the beginning without a popup or anything.

Maybe this is a noob question, but what am I doing wrong?
Maria! I will try to be easy on you πŸ˜‰
Go to your grundig settings - applications - kodi whatever version you have and change permissions to always rather than while using app πŸ˜‰
Hope it'll work for you! 😊

But sadly the only app Settings i can change for Kodi are: "Microphone" and "Storage" Acesss. And both are already enabled :-(
Could anyone else help? I want to make the TV a present for my parents for Xmas. They are 85 Years old. Any help would be great!
You can only resume a video when it has been totally stopped. Only then the timestamp will be written to the Kodi video database.
Putting the TV into standby mode or anything else will not write that timestamp.

Test it if "normally" stopping a video and resuming it during the same Kodi session works as it should.
Yes, that is what I try.
I did now enable the Logfiles writing to see whats going on. But there is nothing in the Logfiles directory (empty, and hidden files are enabled in ES File Explorer).
Is it possible that Kodi can somehow not write on the storage? The Storage access is enabled in the AndroidTV Setup. But maybe there is something else i need to enable?
Android 11 should still be okay, unless it has gotten some updates where like Android 12 it has become more strict about writing permissions. AFAIK, writing log files should still be possible. Can you try installing/using the Kodi Log Uploader add-on?

Does stopping (not pausing) and resuming in Kodi work currently while NOT putting the TV in standby?
Will try this today!
ok, the upload did work. Here is the Logfile:
Here is a new one:

I am not 100% sure, but is it normal that:
2022-12-06 14:57:08.811 T:21385 INFO <general>: VideoPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
022-12-06 14:57:08.811 T:21385 INFO <general>: VideoPlayer: finished waiting
022-12-06 14:57:08.821 T:14337 INFO <general>: Deleting settings information for files /storage/7084-CC8B/Einer wird gewinnen/Einer wird gewinnen (1966).mp4
2022-12-06 14:57:23.047 T:21385 INFO <general>: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: /storage/7084-CC8B/Einer wird gewinnen/Einer wird gewinnen (1966).mp4

it is "deleting setting information"? Maybe this is why i does noto find a bookmark? I an new to the logfiles. Might be nothing....
ok, this can be closed. I am just plain stupid! :-)
I did not know, that there is a default of 3 minutes before a bookmark is saved. And i always waited like 2 Minutes max.
Now I added a advenced config files with a minimum of 10 seconds and it works.
MAN do i feel stupid :-)
Thread marked solved.
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