TV Episode Naming Format 01x05 is better than S01E05
(2023-01-23, 18:02)starling Wrote: I can see he's got some titles like LGR Thrifts [Ep.49] Crispy Leaf Springs where the Ep part is likely to interfere with NxN due to its higher priority.

Yeah the LGRThrifts we're the first issue and that messed up Kodi's scraping specifically

Also a number of the computer model numbers and some mentions of years in video titles screw up SickChill and other forks. Interestingly Kodi itself isn't as sensitive, but I use SickChill to sort and name the files once I manually download them. I've had some issues in SickChill where a video that it sorted and numbered itself, now has two entries one real, one for a non-existant episode it failed to guess on, and yeah. All fixed if I just use S00E00 format.
(2023-01-10, 22:51)Oldie1 Wrote: Happy Days 01x01

Seems simple but no or incorrect data is scraped.

I have tried

Happy Days - S01E01 -
Happy Days S01E01
Happy Days - 01x01 -

I notice, that you haven't added any year in the name ... like ... Happy Days (1974) S01E01 ... or which ever year the TV show you are referring to is from ... there are so many shows named Happy Days, that it might help with the year?
(2023-10-31, 20:36)Decaynizen Wrote: there are so many shows named Happy Days, that it might help with the year?
No it won't, but it won't hurt if it is there either.
The year needs to go in the TV Show folder name, not in the episodes.
The only thing used from the episode filename is the numbering - S01E01. Everything else is ignored.
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I would think Happy Days (1974) and Happy Days(1975) etc would be considered as different shows so best to avoid the broadcast year in the naming.


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TV Episode Naming Format 01x05 is better than S01E050
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