Uninstalling/removing XBMC completely?

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vampyren Offline
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Question  Uninstalling/removing XBMC completely?
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I am kinda picky with programs and like to know how i can completely remove them in order to try new versions and such.

In another thread i read that beside the .app the user should remove
~/Library/Application Support/XBMC

But being picky i use Uninstaller so this is what i find:
/Library/Application Support/XBMC
/Users/vampyren/Library/Application Support/XBMC

My question is why not just deliver a simple .app file as Mac users are used to without the installer that scatter these files?
I'm not all to good with macs but if there is one thing i like about it that is the fact that programs are just one files and usually there is no installation Smile

I really love XBMC which is why i care to make it simple Smile

Cheers for the great progam.
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davilla Offline
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"/Library/Application Support/XBMC" is alpha4 and below. beta1 was been changed so it is self contained and does not use "/Library/Application Support/XBMC" anymore.

The use of a package installer is due to the need to run post-install scripts. This is an area of investigation so it might change. As it is, beta1 should only generate one /Library/Receipts/<somename>.pkg entry.

So for beta1, you should see

1) the app itself
2) user prefs at "~/Library/Application Support/XBMC"
3) log file at "~Library/Logs/xbmc.log"

and one more from the package install receipt

4) /Library/Receipts/xbmcMediaCenter.pkg

MediaInfo : http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/
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vampyren Offline
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Thats much cleaner Smile

what is these .pkg files anyway? I first thought it was for uninstall but there is not uninstall option with the .mpkg

Looking forward to the beta.

Thanks for XBMC, the xbox version still rocks Smile
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einhänder Offline
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a little hint: just install apptrap. this little tool will monitor if a new app is installed and memorize all files/paths of a single app.
if you would drag a app to the trashbin, apptrap will ask you to remove all files belonging to this app.

goto: http://konstochvanligasaker.se/apptrap/
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