Jailbreak on Kodi file manager

Kodi is a customizable media player.
In windows I have modified many controls and everythings works fine.
Then I have tryed to replicate the corrections in Android and there are problems caused by root permissions (admin privileges).
The system folders are locked (not just hidden) and the user cannot reach them.

The only way I founded is jailbreaking the STB, breaking warranty.

What should be great is (in Kodi file manager) have the option "ADVANCED", where i can read/write ONLY the Kodi data in system folders.
In this way the system is protected, and the user can customize the program...
The goal is copy to USB certain files and replace them after modifications.

Is possible ask for this feature?

@Ditacim when u say you have modified many controls, do you mean controls in a skin ? What location are you trying to get to? Eg Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi , shouldn't need root to access that folder if it that one, I don't
You've not followed the instructions you were given, I'll refer you back to https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=371268

I have found  a better workaround to this problem and I write here, so if you believe to be useful, suggest to other users...
This method can be adapted to Estuary or any other skin.

Instead of modify the installed file and try to copy it to the devices, a simple solution is to download the skin in a zipped file.
Extract the files you wish change and then reload it in the zip file.

In this way you have only to install the zip archive (ADDONS/INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE) and it utomatically goes in the correct folders...
Thiis is good in Windows or Android devices!

1) Download the skin you wish to use, ex. from repository in Windows.
    It' s installedi in a folder named ADDONS/SKIN.SKINNAME (I used the original Estuary).
2) COPY to desktop the folder you wish customize.
    Rename the folder SKIN.CUSTOM (all lowercase)
    Change the code you require.
3) Add in a .zip folder the folder with the modified skin and rename it SKIN.CUSTOM.ZIP (all lowercase, the same name of the content folder).
4) In kodi, in ADDONS choose INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE (allow unsecure install if necessary) and select the USB device containing skin.custom.zip.

At the end, pop a message writing "ESTUARY UPDATED".
That's all.

NOTE. This procedure is platform independent. You can use in Windows, Android etc.
@Ditacim As you have been advised many many times already, we DO NOT advise anybody do this as it will result in you overwriting your default Estuary skin. If the team update anything in Estuary, it'll overwrite your changes.  Plus, if you screw it up you could end up with the skin not loading at all and thus no interface to navigate.

Follow the instructions you were given here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid3132113 to create a modified COPY of the default skin that you can edit to your heart's desire. This is the correct procedure that is SAFE. 

I am moving this to discussions as the conversation has moved from being a feature request to something else entirely.
Always read the Wiki, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Read/follow the forum rules.

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