Pellucid modified to use as Android launcher
For anyone interested I have taken the liberty to modify this excellent skin slightly for use as the launcher on an Android TV (see here). Forked from the latest version modifications are:
  • Added backgrounds to the various views (Movies, TV Show, Music, Settings etc).
  • Modified fade in/out.
  • Replaced the multiimage control on the Home screen with a home brewed version that continues with the last image whenever you go to Home. The reason being Android moves the last screen into view while starting the new task. When using the kodi multiimage this results in the last background flashing for 0.5s until  the image of the new task is loaded. With this tweak the image remains the same and therefore no "flicker".
  • Included Skin Shortcuts (updated to require v2.0.1).
Nice, thank you. But I can't edit menus, the area where settings should be is empty, black. I have latest Kodi installed on android tv 11 and only add-on installed Emby Next Gen. Any idea what is wrong?
Which settings screen is black? The root of Settings or Settings → Interface → Skin → Configure skin → Menus? Double check that you download the `txret` branch, my changes are in that branch. Make sure that `script.skinshortcuts` v2.01 or later is installed (I haven't packaged the skin so I am guessing Kodi doesn't try to install the addons listed as required in `addon.xml`). Also, `Textures.xbt` becomes too large to upload to GitHub so to speed up the graphics use the `Kodi Texture Tool` to create it from the entire `media` folder.
Settings → Interface → Skin → Configure skin → Menus does not show anything.
Skin Shortcuts 2.01 is installed and I tried to reinstall it but it didn't help.
Skin dependencies Skin Shortcuts, Simple Eval and unidecode are installed and enabled.
Is there a way to manually edit the shortcuts? Maybe a xml file?
Shortcuts seem to be in `1080i\script-skinshortcuts-includes.xml` - I haven't really gotten into how that addon works, it just "works" for me. Could you have a look in the Kodi log to see if anything turns up there?
I installed this skin on another device (android 8.1 tablet) and it had the same problem, can't edit menus, so the problem must be in skin. Also there is no script-skinshortcuts-includes.xml file in 1080i folder. I created script-skinshortcuts-includes.xml file with Kodi Repository version skin and copied it to your skins 1080i folder but that didn't do anything.
I just installed Kodi and my version of Pellucid on another Android device and it works fine (although I note I have pushed an addon.xml which has debugging="true"), are you certain you are downloading the `txret` branch? I.e.
I got it working now. It didn't create script-skinshortcuts-includes.xml automatically so I copied it from my backups manually. I had to reinstall kodi and your skin mod and then copy the script-skinshortcuts-includes.xml to skin folder to get it working.

The skin works very well, thank you. Now I only need to make Kodi as default launcher and my tv would be a true smart tv. Thanks again
So, anyone wanna show how this thing looks on Android TV?
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(2023-02-04, 20:32)Raitsa Wrote: So, anyone wanna show how this thing looks on Android TV?
you first...
It looks the same as the original Pellucid (screenshots) with the addition of background images for the different views, Movies, TV Shows, Settings etc. (rather than fanart which is sometimes not available). The main thing I changed is the "custom multiimage" for the home screen to avoid flickering as well as some minor control button and fade effect changes. To make use of it as a launcher see this thread.
For anyone interested, I added "quick jump" functionality to the movie, TV show and music (albums) screens, inspired by Sebastian S.'s code - go all the way right in the main selection area (not the "recently added/continue watching") and you should get a list of all first letters in the collection, select one to jump to first item that starts with that letter.


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