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HORIZONZ: Discussion and Support Thread
digitalhigh Wrote:Hey...just a suggestion...

[Image: tn_MOCKUP.jpg]

What if you had the info display in videos start out like this, and then pop up on hover to display the full deal?

And while I'm thinking of it...maybe make a 1/2 second delay on the backart changes just so that you can scroll through the movies quicker. Scrolling for me is slightly jerky because it loads the fanart right away...

Otherwise, this is a really cool mod. I like the subtle touches...and the xbox friendliness. Big Grin

thanks for the suggestion... but i did make that view to be a completely different showcase view, which had a simpler more stable approach... didn't want any dynamic animation involved and most definately didn't want the background delays... but i'll give it a look... not sure about the pop up idea, because that defeats the purpose... but for speeding movement up... i may check that out... we'll see what happens l8r... just got to free some time up and then i'll do a few updates on suggestions i got in here...
Livin Wrote:xb2iris,
like the mods... 2 questions...

1) is there any way to remove the 'cases' around the DVDs, CDs? I like the small borders better (just my preference)

2) Are you planning on making a better time/date for the home page? I think the current one is really outdated and not matching the theme at this point.

thx for contributing to make the community better!

nope... it wouldn't look very nice i removed any of the frames, trust me... and i made this mod as an aeon celebration... so, that weather panel's staying classic for now... was trying new ideas... no go for now... but we'll see in the future dude... not likely... but maybe the home page who knows
markiz Wrote:Is there a reason for Showcase view to not show up when in File mode? It was my favourite view. And I'm not using the library. Please put it back in Movies and TV. And if possible, also in Music.

no reason, just i use the files view to add files, so it doesn't need to be in there... but yeah... i'll think about it... there'll be an update in awhile... so check that out... hopefully it'll be sorted for your pleasure...
onesojourner Wrote:I would like to see the movie wall view get refined. with posters just stuck together things look to plain. they would look great with some space in between then and maybe keep them in the dvd case all the time on the wall?

not gonna happen... that's a super dooper cool view... its not meant to be anything more than it is... not gonna change it... as rand says, it defeats the purpose of a panel view... use the icon view if u want... it sounds more along the lines of what u want
Rand Al Thor Wrote:Having space between movies defeats the purpose of a "wall" view. You are talking about a panel view which is already available in many skins. Cheers.

that's telling em... no one will ever change ur wall view... its too cool for words
dynamix Wrote:xb2iris, you did a fantastic job on this mod!

Just played with it this morning and i really really like it Nod Those showcase views are great. And i must say my oldskool xbox handles this mod very smooth.

As mentioned before in this topic, i'm also missing the audio and video options in the dvdmenu. I really hope you can implement these features (i need to select Dutch subtitles while watching my movies Rolleyes)

P.S.: i hope you don't mind, but i made an instant download mirror for this great mod:


>>> Horizonz_-_An_Aeon_Mod.rar

sorting the audio options out for the next release... video options are in there...
KevinSartori Wrote:Horizonz looks great! Thanks for taking the time to put together this mod!

There's one thing that's been missing from Aeon that is also missing in Horizonz, though. In Files mode in Movies, in the context menu under Set Content, there should be a Settings button to configure the scraper. It's nice to be able to set what information is grabbed from the scraper. By default, not every option is checked off. After doing a totally clean install after the last Aeon update, a bunch of information was missing for my rebuilt library and I couldn't figure out why. I eventually remembered that there was a way to configure the IMDb scraper. Going back to PM3, I re-discovered the Settings button and was able to fix it.

Also, this is really minor, but I figured I'd mention it. In vanilla Aeon, when you're in Library mode in Movies, the year is listed in parentheses after the movie title. I like this but Horizonz doesn't do it. Maybe it's intentional?

Thanks again for all of the work here! Great mod!

i'm gonna sort that settings button out soon as i can... an update will be up soon as i can get some time to mod the mod... but it'll be in there... yeah, and that year thing was removed because it it leaves () in other sections in the movie library... which sucks... sorry, but it had to go
xb2iris Wrote:i'll try to sort the audio options out... maybe put the option to switch to it when u load the video options up... i never use it, so i left it out... don't think it was working in the old aeon, but i may be mistaken... so, i'll see if i can sort that out for the next release...

the debug info wasn't skinned... i'll see if i can sort that out as well... no idea... haven't thought about it, but i'll check if i can figure it out for u...

Awesome, thanks! I'm not sure if those work in Aeon or not - I never got that far in Aeon because it didn't have any views that I wanted to use. The audio menu is pretty much indispensable, though, so thanks for looking into it!
Looks great, thanks!
I sure wish the electric would come back on at my house so I could test this out! The screens look great so far.
xb2iris Wrote:thanks dude... kinda like the fact that there's a single background instead of changing backdrops for the showcase... brings out the fanart more... but you don't use movie fanart or whatHuh or do you just want backdrops to cycle behind fanart...?

Yup.. backgrounds cycling would be great. I am using library mode and don't use fanart for my movies.
I'm missing background cycling and as long as library mode is not full-proof I still prefer file-mode. Why is there no showcase in file-mode?

BTW... If you do enable showcase in file-mode could you make a short delay on background changes to make scrolling smooth...

As far I can see all other changes are improvements...
frater Wrote:I'm missing background cycling and as long as library mode is not full-proof I still prefer file-mode. Why is there no showcase in file-mode?

BTW... If you do enable showcase in file-mode could you make a short delay on background changes to make scrolling smooth...

As far I can see all other changes are improvements...

the delay idea doesn't work, ur gonna get that hitch no matter how long it takes backgrounds to change... waiting to get time to do some updating on my mod... got a few things i need to sort out... including getting showcase into file mode... that's gonna be a mission... but yeah, i'll try and sort it out when i get the time...
Is there ever going to be a TV Show view type that uses widescreen icons? If there was, this would be my skin hands down. I wish XBMC had some global setting that allowed you to specify whether to show widescreen or normal icons. That would be a nice addition.
No-one stops you from asking the XBMC-devs. You are already registered on this forum.
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