v20 IPTV Simple now supports multiple sets of M3U/XMLTV files via instances
(2023-03-24, 17:22)emveepee Wrote: CoreElec builds are compiled specially and the installed from the CE repo not the Kodi repo.  This is usually down after the LibreElec release.  20.9.1 was released by a LE PR on the 23rd https://github.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.t...4d2673fd6e and so it hasn't made it to CE yet.

Ok thanks. I still have the same problem(s) by the way !

Note that AlexElec downloads Kodi repo PVRs from the LibreElec repo, from which I still cannot install PVR Simple, even though I was able to install this some days ago.
Hopefully in a day or two, this should resolve.


So if I want to install a PVR Simple update (or other zip) myself without waiting for the repos to update, what is a good method, without compiling?
binary addons have to be compiled so the only alternative i can think of is if the developer is maintaining a release on github under releases

it is unusual for developers to do so because of the amount of different platforms kodi runs on it would be difficult to have a version

for example, raspberry pi, android, coreelec, libreelec, linux and windows each need 2 releases each compiled, 1 for 32bit and 1 for 64bit

that is why most commonly the binary addons are compiled with kodi in each release and packaged for that release

(with kodi as in at the same time during the same compile environment because the compilers are setup for that release)
The LE test builds for Amlogic are not part the official LE  release, so I am not sure when they get updated.  As I told you before your requests for the AlexElec custom build should be on their support forum.


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IPTV Simple now supports multiple sets of M3U/XMLTV files via instances0
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