v20 Continue Watching feature should provide a default action
Originally posted on the issue tracker, but I was told to re-post as a feature request: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/22296

With the merge of #22107, pressing play on a TV series results in a new popup, whereas on Kodi <=19 it would immediately begin playing the latest unwatched episode.

This seems like a regression - at least for TV series - as the additional clicks required to pass through the menu add up quickly over time. It's also potentially error-prone and destructive as accidentally choosing the Play from beginning will mess with existing episode watched statuses. Personally there are zero scenarios where I wish to reset watched statuses or resume points in this way, and in the case where I did want to do that, there's already a context-menu option to set unwatched.

Expected Behavior
Clicking the play button on a TV series continues watching the series immediately, per pre-v20 behaviour.

Actual Behavior
Clicking the play button on a TV series pops an additional menu to click through.

Possible Fix
There are a couple of ways of resolving this. Just as there exists a Default select action setting for videos in general, one option would be to provide a Default continue watching action to allow users to skip this menu and perform their desired action every time. Though I suspect there aren't many scenarios where a default of Play from beginning makes much sense. If there are, perhaps there should be settings per or content type or something.

Alternatively, and my preference, would be to just remove the menu entirely and default to Continue, letting users manage watched status using the existing context menu. Perhaps there are widgets or folders that I don't use where this doesn't make sense though.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
  • Click play on TV series folder for an in-progress series
  • Continue watching menu pops

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Continue Watching feature should provide a default action0
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