any particular build for just playing music on an android phone?
I have an LG V20 smartphone w/Android 8.x that I just use as a faux iPod that I connect to my stereo's Aux. input (using the phone's analog 3.5 mm jack for audio output) I've loaded a bunch of ripped CDs (16-bit/44.1Khz two channel stereo FLAC-encoded files) onto the microSD and use AIMP (music app) to play them.

What I'd like to do is install Kodi onto the LG V20 and use the web interface from my laptop's browser to select, play/pause, next track, etc. the music.

Is there a minimal instance of Kodi for Android I can use just for audio playback without using a display *but* still using the web interface?

Does anyone else do this or something similar and could provide some tips or experiences?

i think youll find it problematic trying to run headless kodi on android because of android limitations
android itself likes to freeze and kill background apps to preserve system resources
as well android tends to pause playback when the screen shuts off (on any app not just kodi)
android also uses audio focus to determine which app to play audio from at any given time which makes background audio less usable -

if i were to suggest anything it would perhaps putting a upnp client on the android device (phone in this case) then allowing a remote kodi to cast and control it

see :
Quote:Look for remote UPnP players
Settings level:    Standard
Description:    Enable the UPnP control point. This allows you to stream media to any UPnP client and control its playback.

outside of the suggestion itself i havent done any research towards this so ymmv
Thank you @jepsizofye  for your thoughts on this. I installed Kodi on the android phone and enabled the web interface - then used my laptop to try to control Kodi's music playing on the phone. It sort of worked but not consistently. Additionally, I couldn't get the interface to allow me to select folders on the microSD card to play from.

I wasn't able to find a music-playing app that has a web interface for remote control; however I found "Phone to Tablet Remote" which sort of works but not great *and* it doesn't have a web interface but requires a 2nd android device to be the remote client while the first phone is the server - which is why I thought I'd try Kodi.

Ah well, the search continues.
You might want to look into a remote app for Kodi instead, like Yatse or Kore.
Good suggestions - I'll have to try Kore again (I've used it before for "regular" Kodi on my Shield). As my problem with Kodi for music play is the inability to select folders (n.b. I guess I should look into playlists too...) I don't think a remote app will solve that.

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any particular build for just playing music on an android phone?0
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