Req Audio: Configure Speakers
As someone who has 7.1 surround sound, I would like the option in Kodi to test that all speakers are configured correctly.

Maybe after you say how many speakers you have, to have it send audio to each speaker separately and the option to send sound to multiple speakers at the same time to make sure the surround sounds correct.

Another thing in the same setup would be to confirm that subtitles are set with the correct offset from the same setup screen (in addition to fine tuning while playing a movie).
while you wait for team-kodi to write custom code to check each audio channel...

you can just play a video that does the same thing -
I'll tell you the truth: I never considered using a Youtube video for this.

That being said, I think the Kodi programmers can do it better. ;-)

And there's got to be an easy way to get audio and video to sync up.  Friend has a system where the audio goes through a receiver but the video doesn't and there's a delay that I had to correct for.  Probably not common, but it does happen.
YouTube doesn't do anything more than stereo so that'll never work anyway.
(2023-03-08, 03:30)jjd-uk Wrote: YouTube doesn't do anything more than stereo so that'll never work anyway.

fine use one of these then Tongue
(2023-03-08, 03:42)jepsizofye Wrote: fine use one of these then Tongue
Or just make your own 8 channel flac and play in Kodi.
Or download flac test files
Another site that can help you test your audio system...
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