Multiple Albums with Same Name from Single Artist - How to Scrape?
I've seen this question asked a few times with little in the way of a satisfactory answer: How do you scrape multiple albums from the same artist with the same name?

That would never happen, right? Except it has, repeatedly, with Weezer. Weezer's eponymous 1994 album, their debut, was followed by Weezer (2001), Weezer (2008), Weezer (2016), Weezer (2019), and Weezer (2019, second album in the same year). Each album is identified by fans/unofficially by the color of it's cover: Weezer (The Blue Album), Weezer (The Green Album), Weezer (The Red Album), Weezer (The White Albim), Weezer (The Teal Album), Weezer (The Black Album).

Before they hit Weezer (The Burnt Cyan Album) it would be really, really great if there was an easy way to scrape these albums into Kodi.

Using the Universal Album Scraper and AudioDB scraper — they pretty much seem to randomly selected Red or Green albums even though I'm trying to scrape Blue (1994). If you specify Weezer (The Blue Album), no match is found, because technically (and in the source DBs) this is generally seen as just Weezer I suppose.

In a previous attempt to make this work, another user was told to add a direct link to the musicbrainz DB entry for the album in an album.nfo file - this did not work for me. ( I still wind up with random entries, Red for Green, Green for Blue, etc. Like the nfo is being ignored.

A few people have been asked about this (i.e. over the years. Would be great to have a solution. Any suggestions?

Have you comprehensively tagged your song files? Did you use MusicBrainz Picard to do that?
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Tagged, yes. Tagged with Picard, no. That did the trick, since it gives the option to tag files with MusicBrainz's ID# directly.

Appreciate the tip.

That said, having to use a third party tool isn't ideal - a suggestion for future Kodi builds/scrapers, simply let users choose from a list of albums from the artist and select the correct one when dealing with duplicate album names. All the files were tagged with track/album/year/artist/genre correctly and most people are going to look at that and think "well my tags are fine" much like I did, because they were outside of the MBID. It seems like on the movie side, scrapers allow for that - I scrape a folder named Batman, all the Batman films pop up and I can just pick the correct one. Not sure if there's a technical limitation but it would probably cut down on confusion.
I tested using the recording "King" from release "Weezer"(red album deluxe ver CD) using tags artist/album artist "Weezer" and album title "Weezer".  Universal Album Scraper returned 48 releases during an "update" and selected the first one.  When I navigated in Kodi to songs and then "King" I selected album info and from there "refresh" and I got a select dialog with all 48 releases.  But with insufficient info from that it was impossible to know which one was correct, although the "year" did provide a clue.  Which is why having the release group mbid (used by tadb) and release mbid (used by mbdb) in the tags makes things so much easier in this case.

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