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Hello, good afternoon! From my total ignorance, I would like to know if the native player of a smart tv could be used as a Kodi player... In the "Kodiadictos" source, it shows how to change the kodi player for VLC , by Xplayer or by MX, but those are worse than Kodi's native today...
The idea is to take advantage of the fact that the smart tv player plays Dolby Vision in 4k while the other installed players only work in 1080 due to Android limitations on those devices....Thanks in advance and let's see if someone who understands the subject can help me-clarify something. As said, THANK YOU
there are 2 ways in which kodi will open media for playback

the first and most usable is the internal player which will open hardware, demux the video and process it mostly done by an ffmpeg core compiled into it

in that same way other players will play media, open the file, demux, send it to the hardware decoders

when using an external player in kodi that player must be a callable executable installed on the device which is playing

and in this instance, kodi simply creates a new process with command line "externalplayer.exe --player-params 1 <url of source>" for example and kodi is no longer in control

what you are asking if kodi can use the internal player on the tv isnt clear because the only 2 methods would be

kodi opens a hardware device to send demuxed audio/video to

kodi executes command to open an external program to do the same on its own

this PR has introduced a way to allow kodi to access hardware devices for dolby vision decoding, if available and the content is dolby vision

so perhaps all that is required for you is to wait for a nightly build that uses the above PR

on using VLC, Xplayer, MX, etc as an external player - most of my experience has been bad

either VLC doesnt understand the location of the media or it cannot be accessed

this is because its not logged into the file server and so when kodi tells VLC to open "smb://<server>/media/file.mp4" VLC does not know what to do with it

but in cases of media servers VLC might be able to if it's told to access "https://<server>/media/file.mp4" - it all has to do with how youre setup

in most cases on android external players are worse and largely unusable due to lack of implementation on their part not kodi's
(2023-03-11, 20:17)CHULEJAKE Wrote: In the "Kodiadictos" source ...

I'm not sure where you got this "source" but the name of your source is mentioned in our list of banned add-ons, which are related to video piracy. Something that we simply do not welcome on our forum.
Ok¡¡¡ Sorry, I didn't know! Tell me how to edit the message and thus correct it!
You can provide a debug log (wiki) of your cleaned up Kodi setup, and then we can continue the support.

We're not going to help out people with Kodi setups that have video piracy-enabling add-ons on board. That is against our forum rules (wiki) and subsequent piracy policy (wiki).

Also, since you are a newcomer to this forum, you cannot yet edit your posts. This is part of a series of anti-spam measures, which will vanish over time.
Sorry, I saw the information to use that source on a page with that name that is on your list, but now I have also seen the same information on your page and change the internal player for another if it is within the legal limits. 
I'm going to see if I can get the debug log and how to send it and as soon as I get it done I'll send it to you. Thank you for trying to help me!
My question is not about playing Dolby Vision in particular, it's more about the resolution of Kodi, and the apps installed on the android of the smart tv, which is limited to 1080, while the native player installed from the factory is not. limited. the resolution... I have two smart tvs, of different brands in which I check it and I have seen that there are many people who have noticed the same thing even on high-end televisions. I guess modifying the "playercorefactory.xml" file to make your player work would fix the whole problem, but it's not possible since I don't understand programming at all. I have tried to put the three players of which I have found the file "playercorefactory.xml" (vlc, xplayer and xm) and they work much worse than the native one of Kodi, but if I could put the one that comes with the TVs by default, it would be marvelous.
as i pointed out, if "the one that comes with the TVs by default" is callable like the other apps you can add it

and kodi video playback is not limited to 1080p, only its gui is
(2023-03-11, 22:23)CHULEJAKE Wrote: I'm going to see if I can get the debug log and how to send it and as soon as I get it done I'll send it to you.

You didn't see very far, apparently. Now it's suddenly a question about screen resolution.

Well, yes... TV manufacturers may have their firmware limit other software's capabilities for whatever reason. Nothing we can do about that. We try to play by the Google/Android guidelines. If your TVs want to deviate from that, ask the TV manufacturers why.
Yes, you are right, it is a limitation that they put that has nothing to do with you, but if the player could be changed, it would be solved. Thanks for your help
Yes, that's what I think... But it must be very difficult if no one has done it or tried... I follow the steps I found to create-modify the "playercorefactory.xlm" for the player, but no I am able to achieve it. It tells me that it is playing in an external player, but it does not play anything...

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