Information Dolby Vision and Kodi, what's the deal?
Dolby Vision on Kodi Windows builds is simply not possible, and has been explained many times.
perfect now we have an official answer addition to this thread, thanks

me saying yes or no is pointless as im not part of the project

After explaining the same thing multiple times my frustration got the better of me.
youre fine i dont actually care enough to be offended

i started this thread to put as much information in 1 place as possible and if you look i have been doing a massive amount of research
(2023-03-12, 18:58)jepsizofye Wrote: in the interim are these players able to be set via External Players for Kodi to be able to pass on the relevant content
perhaps using a rule filename=".*DoVi.*" or such depending on your own naming conventions

I managed to do just that. See solution on this thread
right on @TimeZone

i think that just about covers the most popular

Kodi on AppleTV is something different entirely, not sure it's even in the running for Dolby Vision

Linux based boxes are going to suffer the same thing as coreelec and possibly worse because linux is the step child nobody making firmware cares about

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Dolby Vision and Kodi, what's the deal?0
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